Create a blog with the best blog tips. Here we look at how to start writing a blog that’s fun and easy.

Making a blog post from your smart phone is the easiest way to get your business started.

WordPress is the best blog platform to use if you want to change your look or learn about different blog site creation.

You can create a number of different looks functions and styles or cart solutions.

Some themes are free to use and some are Premium. Included on this website is the 8 step WordPress Installation Guide.

You can also discover free themes from external sources like video themes to integrate feeds from other websites.

We advise you open your Softaculous package in CPanel and preview all the styles available. As you may prefer an alternative.

They have auction, social site, radio and many other options. NameCheap have very cheap shared hosting with CPanel.


The main focus on our website is WordPress but we will aim to include a few other examples and formats along the way.

We’ve also taken a look at another blogging platform called Pixie which is bright and has an attractive structure but there are still a few bugs or issues to improve we hear.

WordPress requires some basic level of security especially if it’s used for transactions. Namecheap provide SSL security certificate. At a reasonable cost.


Let’s now look at some of the different looks and themes available to WordPress users. 

This particular website was created for free. But we have also purchased Premium Themes for various websites. After building a content blog site you may get an offer on it.

Types of themes available are woo commerce, coupon, niche blog, corporate, real estate, personal auction, art and news magazine. Viral blog themes are excellent, if you have the time, branding and the content. Tube sites are great if you have permission to insert feeds from the external sources (this could be friends, record label or other website).

How are you going to make an income from your blog? Are you going to be selling items? Displaying affiliate banners? Allocating ad networking spaces or display Adsense? Or do you have a project with a funding circle audience perhaps. Clearly you have the ideas and it’s time to put them into action. You may want to improve an existing online business.


Choose a Good Domain Name.

There are many things to consider if you’re choosing/purchasing a domain name. Is it for personal or business use? Do you already have an audience? (twitter, instagram, linked in)

Is it a hobby club or group project? Or suited to a wider audience.?Decide on your target audience and what will draw them in to your blog.

Get better results with your blog and SEO. You might consider buying an expired or dropped domain or even buying a premium or catchy name if you’re in it for profit.

This is the absolute best way to get your blog site off the ground quickly, easily and to reach the greater audience you’re seeking.

(Registering your own name might not reach as many potential viewers/customers daily unless it’s very well planned, well branded and well designed).


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization consists of a long list of do’s and don’ts really. An SEO assistant can help you optimize an existing website or get one off the ground.

Having just a few things in place can make the difference between make or break if you choose the right services which is Whitehat SEO from $1.00 here! And logo branding.

Seo pertains to site speed, original content, depth of content and accuracy, grammar, searchable terms (keywords) and meta data which tells search engines the suitability/age. Telling Google and Bing who you are, if you’re a company, individual or tester, and showing which industry and age category, site maps, and other indexing that’s easy for them. Deciding on your area of blog it may just be general and you could include many different keyword topics. It really is up to you. As well as inserting some keywords keep it natural.



Who To Host Your Domain With?

That is a question I’ll leave up to you. We have a review page that describes our personal experiences with various providers. Basic hosting NAMECHEAP or VPS or BUSINESS?

People love to browse and learn about new things in their lunch hour or whilst stuck in traffic! Post at PEAK TIMES.

Getting your posts out at the right time is just as important as the quality of your content. So we recommend that you post during those times or schedule your blog posts.

Readers usually identify with people of a similar age group who share similar interests so it’s important to stay current. Topics like health, fashion, lifestyle, music, arts & culture or celebrity gossip are quite competititve! Or funny/viral blogs & vines. But if you have a business and need a new blog site we show how! Blogging is about fun and above all else what you’re passionate about.

You may already have a website or you may be thinking of switching to WordPress or Drupal (in CPanel). Did you know there are many other website templates available? Such as Radio, Auction, Social Sites -the list goes on! Getting to grips with CPanel is challenging for the first day and possibly your first few posts. But you will be so impressed by what you produce and so will your readers. There is also a platform called Pixie which we are checking out. It’s design is very smooth but we have read about some stability issues.

We also cover briefly the topic of choosing a domain name. It’s totally up to the user. But things to consider are: is it a catchy brand name? Is it a general blog? Is it a niche blog with keyword domain?

If you are starting your first online business – we suggest buying a catchy or Premium Domain Name.

It’s pretty hard to come up with those by yourself. If you buy a domain name that already has traffic, backlinks and google ranking you’re going to get off to a good start! If you already have a domain name you may need web traffic & SEO.


In our blog tips we share the best blog tips for your website! You can read more in the blog HERE.

We also share the offers from hosting to domain extensions and we will be adding more deals soon.

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