Well if this is the day you’ve decided to start your own blog, then good for you! WordPress is free to use once you have web hosting. You can EASILY install WordPress from your hosting cPanel. And we have a guide for that too.

Your domain name could be your name, your business name or a keyword domain. It doesn’t really matter that much, as it’s the content that really counts. You may wish to publish videos, GIFs, social media feeds, journal entries, build a webstore or review things.

You can easily add your first post in WordPress by pressing the + sign at the top of WordPress Dashboard. You will be given an option to add new page, new post, new media.

Think about categories and niches. You might have a my holidays category, a my best buys category, a mindful or reflections category or study diary. You can make really great notes for yourself and others. Health blogs work well but they need a disclaimer. So if you’re posting about mental health or physical health, make it clear you are a sufferer or therapist and not an actual doctor. If you are an Amazon Partner you must state this. Also if you have a blog or site, all adverts and links should clearly be ads OR the site is set up as a directory or comparison site and clearly indicates they will be visiting another site/store.

There are more rules these days when it comes to marketing, SPAM and distasteful content or wording. The bottom line is you can’t exaggerate, misrepresent, or give false information to your readers. If you decide to market something, it should remain within these boundaries.

[Ensure you have a disclaimer or terms page /cookie policy/privacy page.] This can be installed via the dashboard.

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