10 Top Blog Tips For 2019

Blogging tips for beginners, businesses and start-ups... Learn how to rank your blog!

  1. Are Your SEO settings completed and indexable?
  2. Add links on your home page external/internal?
  3. Avoided no follow links in your home page/blog?
  4. Author Profile and info Gravatar completed?
  5. Set local SEO settings to rank a business locally?
  6. Avoid Blackhat/free traffic services/submission
  7. Don't use the appraisal websites too much!
  8. Use the Way Back Engine to find old links?
  9. Research keywords, search to view competitors
  10. Update your posts and keywords regularly!

Essential tips for, Taxonomy, SEO Plugins, Fans, Social Media, Groups, Advertising, Identifying Competitors, Local Business Tools, Schema. Blogging, if set up correctly can be profitable and you will need to understand a little bit more than, how to add blog posts. I think awareness of current trends is the most important thing.

With top posts and real subscribers/Fans/Followers you can be successful! So basically, if you have a large fanbase or are an expert in anything that's technical, financial, medical, vegan, eco, sporty or artistic (and so on), people will be queuing up to see and hear more! If you have something to talk about you should have a blog. And if you don't have the time to make one, have someone set one up for you!

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