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How Hard Is WordPress?

WordPress isn't too difficult to learn if you approach it head-on. Here's how it works. WordPress is a content management system which stores files like CSS/HTML and images, similar to if you run your own server and website at home. You upload all of your media and you can do so in bulk, or you can do it post by post. It's a file system just like any other! You may have images or video to post or your blog might be about knowledge and data. Or you may have products to sell... How to start in WordPress? You start by deleting the sample page and sample post. And then you create a new home page and/or a new post. Gutenberg/WordPress 5? What happened with the Gutenberg update? Most of the changes have been for the better. It's now faster with autosave, undo/redo the ability to edit segments or quickly find the code to enter in the box. It improves with every upgrade and is now a pleasure to use.

WordPress And Alternatives

Find your domain and create your site at Weebly.com!Need to start a blog and not sure whether to use WordPress? Or unsure which kind of theme you need? The short answer is if you plan to monetize your blog and have a unique domain address, you could use WordPress. Though there are pretty good WordPress alternatives such as Weebly and Webstarts, which are easy to use and can be up in a matter of minutes. Wouldn't it's be great to start a blog or website in under ten minutes?! Blog Tips For WordPress 2019 1

Why Use WordPress?

People usually start a blog in WordPress to share their art or passion with a view to making a little extra money (monetizing their blog) or start a small online store or business. If your business is a priority, why not enrol in a free course? You can do so here Blog Tips For WordPress 2019 2

WordPress Has Free Themes

Some WordPress Themes are free but you will need to remove the theme name from the bottom which usually means a paid upgrade anyway. MTS do give out their Premium Themes for free; Musical is a theme for a music blog/store and Socially Viral Lite is a great theme for free. Test it out and see if you can go viral. You can upgrade later on. So if those are the types of themes you're after, you should seriously check them out! MTS themes have free training videos. Their themes are a little different. It's more of a package. Some things are easier and some are harder. Overall we find them easy to use.

Why Use Premium Themes?

So down to business, which is what we're all here for! Find a suitable WordPress theme for you, so that you only have to make the site once! They have superior clean code and are designed for the purpose you require by experienced developers. Blog Tips helps you understand which themes are suitable for you.

AdSense WordPress Themes

Finding the right theme is so important especially if you intend to earn some bucks with AdSense. AdSense pays more than affiliate partnerships often. Many big companies will pay to reach new audiences and advertise on your website. And the topic or niche might pay nicely. But it may also be quite competitive. Just seeing the ad helps their brand. But clicking also pays!

Blog Niches And Demo Themes

That's where keywords come in. Keywords are ranked as high, middle and low competition. For example, everyone is searching Deal or promo code, or casino. Some of these Google Ads can cost up to or even over $96.00 per click. Others can cost 10 pence. When you want to advertise and get on page one in Google, you can do so using medium keywords and low keyword phrases. This will cost you much less and get the customers you desire. You can buy themes that have just the right balance of colour and space for the niche you want to write about. You can import the theme demo or start from scratch! Many quality themes have multiple layouts or demo options to choose from.

Basic WordPress Changes

So, there are new laws about GDPR, Cookie policies and Gutenberg updates and things seem a little complicated when you just want to build a website or blog, we understand. Well, in truth it's not so bad when you understand what they all mean. WordPress includes a draft policy page and you can create it and insert a GDPR or an EU Cookie pop up bar (via plugin). All you need to do is edit your draft page and press publish. It's not really that hard. You write a little bit more about how you protect the reader from hackers and wrongdoers. (You use anti-virus and SSL). You use cookies to help improve the site and some of those are functional cookies such as scroll, others are not necessary (Google/Youtube) and some are 3rd party cookies (your affiliate links, AdSense, Double Click). Make sure your readers understand. It only takes less than 30 minutes to understand this jargon. Most plugins provide a link where they can learn more about adjusting cookies in the browser, or you can insert a relevant outbound or internal link. It takes around 20 minutes to set up these pages initially.

WordPress Means Business!

If you want to create a free blog, please go right ahead be my guest! The main difference is the amount of control you will have over a) the name (thus the niche/brand), b) advertising and selling/bookings and c) design. There are some really lovely free themes out there on the free blog sites. But not all of them can create restaurant menus, taxi bookings, selling digital downloads, aggregating feeds, having your own tube site, news site or things like that. You can even make an auction or a dating site!

WordPress And The Future

It all depends how far you want to take it, not just now but in the future. This site, for example, has Woo and is built to review and sell products of my own and other peoples via the backend settings. I can make this site look almost any way I wish and pick fonts, colours, and my own ideas. Each page can be set to look different with custom CSS (cascading style sheets) or HTML. That's why WordPress is so great. Those are just the tip of the iceberg! You can pick any type of theme. But don't just go for the looks or images in demos, go for the features and functions and ease of use. You want to start off easy and just write for now I'm guessing? But did you know you can easily convert your CMS (content management system) WordPress site into an APP? This can be achieved in minutes!!!

WordPress Design

People want to save time and use an attractive design with nice big buttons, video and attractive pictures. They want a clear spacious layout. And they want to know more about related topics, rather than random posts. So it's worth planning out those things before you begin writing. The simpler it is for your readers to use, the simpler it is for you too! So always try to use clean code and premium themes. If you use compact themes, you might start to squint. You want to think about your comfort and your readers finding their way.

Starting A Blog Summary

So now you know the difference between a free blogging account and having your own unique URL and the WordPress theme that is built for the purpose. Many people end up upgrading in their free blog and later down the road at a higher cost, they will discover that they can't have all of the features and flexibility. If it's just a blog, you don't want to monetize with AdSense or convert your readers over to something exciting, then don't. Many people don't like pesky salespeople, this is very true. But what if people begin to ask you as you are regarded as an expert? What if you change your mind? Blog Tips Services I'm here to assist and answer some basic WordPress issues and questions Get 5 minutes of my help 100% free. I also offer an installation and set up WP Service. Some beginners don't know their way around WordPress or simply don't have the time. I charge £75.00 for half a day. This price includes free SEO!

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