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Earn Money Blogging!

Want to earn money blogging? You can work from home and make money online. Literally anyone can blog! All you need is the right set up.

How Do You Make Money With A Blog?

Lots of entrepreneurs turn to online marketing and work from home these days. If you have a passion for writing, you could earn money blogging via the following methods;

  • Content Writing
  • AdSense Blog
  • Amazon Blog
  • Review Blog
  • Sponsored Blogs
  • A Combination Of These

Work From Home With Flexible Hours

“Work from home” is a phrase we’re used to hearing during lockdown. While many people dream of working from home, they may not have the technical knowledge to start a blog or WordPress website. Luckily there are some great blog design services, that don’t cost too much! Simply state what type of blog you want and how you want it to look.

Blog Ideas To Start A Blog In 2020

Here’s some easy blog ideas to help get you started; funny blogs, story blogs, education blogs, beauty blogs, lifestyles blogs, entrepreneur blogs, finance blogs, art and design blogs, weightloss blogs, fitness blogs, car blogs, tech blogs. The list goes on! Blog about things you enjoy like hobbies, studies, online shopping (#hot) or fun stuff.

Blog Design, Templates And Themes

You have three options when it comes to blog design. You can 1) design your blog using free WordPress themes and plugins, 2) purchase a purpose made WordPress Theme, 3) Pay someone to set up your blog and design it to suite your niche. If you pay someone to design your blog for you, install or edit WordPress sites, it works out much cheaper than full web design.

Blog Design Service On SEO Clerks

The most important thing about a blog, is blog design, ease of use and functionality. Choosing a theme or template that customers find easy to use and read is very important. Now there is also a thing called ADA compliance. This means that websites should be made accessible to disabled and partially sighted readers. This can be done using text to speach and dark back grounds, as an example. There are plugins that can help you be ADA compliant in 2020 and we are currently working on ours.

Business Templates

You may only require a company website or lander/bookings page. WordPress gives you the freedom to do that and more. Here are some top WordPress themes for Business.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential if you want your blog or website to rank in search engines. Once you start ranking, don’t stop at one or a few. The goal is to get all of your blog posts ranking in top positions or at least in the top 50.

Once you have chosen your blog theme, you can begin your own keyword research by typing in to Google or another search engine for inspiration. You can let someone reasearch keywords for you, or you can take an online course or use SEO sites and SEO software.

There are plenty of seo tools, sites, software downloads and plugins you can access for free once you have a Google Analytics account. You can start one free. Keywords for blogs can be a sentence, rather than a word. This is also known as a key phrase. This is the best way to bring new readers to your blog (organic), retain them and have them visit again or subscribe. Once you have keen readers and subscribers, give them more content.

Use Google Analytics and Google Keyword Research Tool. Get more SEO tips here.

Blog Tips For Niche Blogging

With an attractive blog design, you need to research your niche and build lists of things you want to blog about. Less is more. Concentrate on writing related articles and related keywords. Also, focus on one blog at a time. Though, you may have many ideas!

Best WordPress Themes 2020

During lockdown people are looking in search engines for the best online stores. Typical searches; groceries, clothing, home goods, electronics, fitness aids, bitcoin, baby clothes, health & beauty to name but a few. Most look for coupons and vouchers! Start a blog that’s going to work for you.

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