10 Essential Blogging Tips For Beginners

10 Essential Blogging Tips

Here’s 10 Essential Blogging Tips For Beginners 2019

Starting a Blog? Here are some things they never told you! You need to know these facts… (10 Essential Blogging Tips)

  1. Clear Revisions/edits in your blog. Use WP Sweep It will gain speed!
  2. Don’t repeat the same Keywords over and over! This will kill your SEO
  3. Use site checker, cache & SEO tools to improve your blog ranking.
  4. Read recommendations BEFORE you buy any bad backlink services
  5. Share your opinion in your blog it’s positive! This can improve SEO
  6. Code to text ratio. You must score higher than 10% for text content
  7. Grammar check. Your articles and pages need to make sense yes?!
  8. Location, location! Location is very important when posting media
  9. Freebies, who doesn’t love a freebie? Always offer something free
  10. Wordcount on pages should be longer but remember to use subheadings!
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These are the basic tips I can share with those starting a blog. You can also get sharing with various tools for new blogs. Blog submission is now free, but Webmaster Tools / Search Engine Sign Ups are preferable. This also validates your blog or website and is considered safer for your visitors.

Planning Your Blog Design

Blogging is best done with planning. Taxonomy is the category/site map of your website. This can be the make or break of your website. Using Menus with subcategories always looks professional.

Whichever theme you decide to use it needs to be practical and serve the purpose. Don’t settle for less! Get a Premium Theme that will get you ranking faster in the search engines!

Word Count For Blogs And Pages

Word count for blog articles should ideally be a minimum of about 400-600 words. These do need to be separated by media, titles or other web formats.

Word count for pages needs a lot more planning, as this is your cornerstone or very important content. This can be up to a thousand words long or even longer. Plan your anchor keywords and related keywords very carefully.

Keyword Density/Ratio Per 100 Words

You should aim for a ratio of 1.3% or higher. But obviously not too much. The same keyword doesn’t need to be repeated exactly! The longer your article or page, the more you will insert related keywords. You’ll need to add them in the meta description and in the image alt tag and description also.

Hopefully, this short guide 10 Essential Blogging Tips has given you some insight into planning your blog with improved results. Kindly comment or share!

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