3 Essential Plugins For A WordPress Blog 2019

3 Essential WordPress Plugins

Improve Your WordPress Blog With These Important Plugins (Free)

These 3 free WordPress Plugins will help your blog to rank in Search Engines! Speed up your blog or website and get some premium code. WP Sweep is essential for any blogger, like me, who continuously edits their blog posts… This removes all the earlier versions. Rank Math is the latest easy to use WordPress SEO Plugin -And you’re being given a free version of what may become a full product!

  1. WP Sweep
  2. Rank Math
  3. WP All In One

WP Sweep Clear Revisions!

WP Sweep will help to clear earlier versions of your posts and pages. If you’re a perfectionist like me you may have 30 revisions or more versions of each of your posts or pages, it can take up a lot of unnecessary space. When everything is looking okay, back it up and sweep all your unwanted versions and clear the cache. This will be beneficial for your site speed and your search engine results. It will clear any unwanted data and versions and make your site easier to crawl. Now you know it’s best to save as draft and preview or save as to be reviewed. This way you don’t create paths or 400 errors – pages which don’t exist! Remember this and install WP Sweep from Dashboard/Plugins/Add New/WP WordPress Activate and select from setting sweep! You can use it at any time. It will make a huge difference.

You will notice how much faster your blog or website loads and you will save time yourself with a faster WP Dashboard. And feel less clutter!

Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math is a free Pugin (for the moment) by My Theme Shop. It’s a big contender as it helps you to optimize your keywords for ranking as well as meta SEO, Webmaster Tools, Snippets/Search engine rating/image/video and usual tasks, social and fall back settings. This Plugin is doing all the hard work for you. You can localize your business and climb to the top.

Best thing of all it’s totally free. Next, you can import settings from Yoast and some other SEO Plugins are supported. My Theme Shop provides video tutorials with their WordPress themes and plugins. So it doesn’t take very long to set up and anyone can use it! You should create the accounts for Webmaster Tools, Google but you don’t have to. You can skip it. Why free? There is no premium version at the moment but they may release one in the future. You will still be able to use your Rank Math, so get it now!

WP All In One Back Up & Migration

There are many free plugins that will save your whole WordPress site as a file. Some charge for example if you want to save to a drive or Dropbox. You can save your website to a computer. If you’re not confident in restoring or migrating it, you can always give the file to someone else.

The other way is to store the individual folders, Theme, Media, Posts and so on. In any case, your website or blog can be restored! This can be done before major updates, theme changes or compatibility tests. You will be able to save all of your data. Just look in your Plugins / Add New and select the best option for you.

Alternatively WP Backup Which I’ve Just Installed Via MTS

It’s vital that you back up a downloadable copy. Many hosts do an automatic backup. And if your directory gets deleted you can also save a local directory via Softaculous installs/WordPress.

When you should back up your website…

Before any major WordPress or Theme updates.

Other Essential WP Plugins 2019

When you have a premium theme from My Theme Shop the other free essential plugins are already bundled. These include W3 Cache, Quiz, Subscribe, Rank Math SEO, Tabs, & Review. So it makes it easier to get ranking and collect subscriptions and saves you time looking for all these free plugins. They are downloadable for free as is and My Theme Shop has some amazing Free Themes Too! Free WP Themes for any type of blog for instance Music, Real Estate or Viral Theme. Their themes have a contact page included!

Sign up free to be informed of new themes, super deals, discounts and new freeware.

Signing up takes 1 minute and I can vouch in saying that Rank Math is easy & quick to use bringing SEO to any blogging level. And most of their themes are so quick and easy to install and use, you’ll wonder why you haven’t used them before. Get it while it’s hot! Take a look at more free plugins over at – MyThemeShop