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301 to 200 Redirection Code

301 – 200 what? If you recently took a website health test or check, you may wonder what you’re supposed to do about this issue. Well, the good news is here. I’m about to tell you the correct things you need to do so that search engines prefer your new strategy.

If you have some redirects on your site or need to set them up in your SEO program, set them to the most similar or same article with improved title/permalink. That part is fine.

The part that we miss boys and girls, is the removal of the old link from the search engines. We should remove the old redirecting link from social media, then you are free to promote the updated link instead.

Don’t redirect – it’s better to keep 404 on pages with many hits. You can add unique content to that page instead. And offer your own links out.

Themes which have an error with image 301 need sorting. Get support or read the documentation. Obviously you’re going to add thousands of images over time. The best advice I can give us to find out why. Or ask someone to fix it (a coder).

All of this time I never knew why it was showing up as a warning but the answer was so easy. I don’t know everything about SEO but my knowledge is improving and I’ve created a site with zero errors which is pretty good! Usually there are one or two. I have around ten warnings which I can live with and smooth them out as I go.

SEO takes time but hopefully you will start to grasp it before it’s too late. Instead of getting frustrated, just stop and breath. I nolonger panic about the SEO of my sites or blogs but I make sure that the parts I do are correct.

If you research before you rewrite or redirect it will be even better for the future.