5 Top Tips For SEO In 2019-2020

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5 Top tips for SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is the life blood of any website. The key is in knowing what tactics and strategies to focus on for maximum results. Here are five main points to start with.

  1. Have a sitemap and update it regularly. This tells the search engines how to read your website and what changes are being made.
  2. Have a blog with updated content. This shows the search engines that your website offers unique value.
  3. Be active in the community around the niche you are targeting. Building relationships will also help you increase brand value.
  4. Have an active social media presence. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin at the minimum.
  5. Submit your website to directories and use social bookmarking to share content.

These 5 top SEO Tips will provide the basis for getting your websites traffic off to the races, from their consistency of content and will go a long way toward keeping your progress going.

69 / 100 SEO Score


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