Blog Tips For Business

Blog Tips can help you get started with your new WordPress site in minutes. In 7 easy steps, you can install WordPress. If you find it too daunting, no problem, we can also install everything for you. Just contact us today.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the backbone of many huge companies. The capabilities of this content management system are endless.

*Crazy domains have added features such as Directory Listings and Site Submission.

Installing WordPress In 7 Easy Steps

Now you have your domain name & hosting

  1. Login to the CPanel, click the green SSL Symbol, to create an SSL cert (select website & mail only).
  2. Now scroll to the bottom and click the WordPress icon.
  3. In the WordPress Install page, choose the setting HTTP or https (secure) option.
  4. Leave the directory name empty,
  5. enter an email for a safe record of login & backups,
  6. Advanced+ creates automatic backups and updates. Click install!
  7. Whoo, you’ve done it!!! Now pick a WordPress Theme Or Template.

How To Set Up A WordPress Website!

  • Create your description that matches your domain name & slogan. This is called a Meta description. Be as clear as you can and stay within 150-160 characters. And title no more than 60 characters.
  • Create a category base and permalink style.
  • Add a meta tag & keyword tag in the HTML header section or use a plugin that will do this for you!
  • Don’t repeat your keywords like a robot!
  • Ensure you have a sitemap, in the Plugin section search for SEO or sitemap Plugins.
  • Use cool photos add descriptions, use your meta keyword in the Alt..
  • Signup to webmaster tools, analytics, search console, AdWords, take a look around and use the tools you need most. Verify your website is real it will increase your chance of success.

Free & Paid WP Themes For 2019

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Com And Hosting

Remember that we’re here to help! Just start with the free themes, cheap domain offer and you could try a coming soon page to gather your network emails and put a hits counter on there so people are even more interested! Then from the back end of your WordPress, you can create your blog categories and first posts. Share your videos and friends videos, get them a bit of free promotion. Link to other websites and blogs. You’ll see your blog take off like a rocket!