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Rank Math is no ordinary run of th mill free SEO Plugin. It is ultra fast and convenient. And helps you pick SEO keywords for your posts. 

Not only does it write your meta data & schema for each post automatically or manually, it can improve your whole blog or website ranking from day one!

If you were feeling lost in the world of Keywords & SEO this tool is like a 5 in 1.

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Rank Math allows you to import important settings and data such as redirects and meta. The Rank Math team works tirelessly and consistantly to update and add new features. The team are amazing! And there are many new features in store. (Many thanks to MTS!)

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SEO Tool Rank Math

What is Rank Math? – Well if you haven’t tried it Rank Math is a fantastic SEO tool for WordPress users. It allows users to pick trendy Keywords & phrases. After the initial 2 minutes set up. Tell the Plugin who you are and what you’re about. Add Google Search Console verification, set up your meta & follow and no follow settings. (we recommend do follow not no follow).

If you already installed it but are now wondering what’s going on with it… Rank Math has moved away from MyThemeShop and now have their own site. You’re going to need to register and obtain your login to use in WordPress Rank Math Settings. Okay, you can quickly register with Facebook or Google and it takes a second. Check your email for your password. Enter these details into your WordPress Rank Math Settings and you’re all done.

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