I created Blog Tips a few years ago. While I was still learning about blogging myself, I decided to journal most of the steps and obstacles I came across. And include more info on free tools and SEO basics.

Not only does WordPress have a learning curve, but there is also quite a learning curve when learning how to apply SEO to your WP blog or website. So I will be sharing more about how to get your site seen and grow your fans.

Blog Tips got several hundred readers per day. But I found that despite my hardest efforts, I was unable to create any real value or sales. So I had to take a break and consider what I was doing wrong. And how I could correct it.

I had a couple of offers to sell the name, but now I’m glad I didn’t. I am now a successful online marketer. And I’d like to help everyone earn money from home and get past these initial stumbling blocks.

I have way too many projects to be creating videos and blogging lots, so I will leave it to the real bloggers who are dedicated and have invested (spent money, time, love) into their blog. That is what a successful blog requires.

Also, it takes a LOT of patience and understanding. You will be thinking about your readers and your content. You will be serving others before yourself. And once you have that all sorted, you’re home free.

My number 1 tip is to invest in PREMIUM THEMES. Think about how your readers experience quality. And make sure you provide them with exactly that.

This site is being updated. But do visit back. It’s going to be BIG! Please enjoy the posts/tips.