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In accordance with the recent laws regarding advertisements and affiliate links, this page will explain to readers how we use these advertising methods.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are used throughout our blog. The posts have a button which labels “affiliate” posts near the top of the post-page.

We also use the affiliate links on images and banners on the home page. Which are clearly advertisements.

The purpose of this is to provide useful deals & links for readers to save money. We also provide honest reviews and information for those looking for cheap services, including cheap hosting, cheap .com domain deals & the best WordPress Premium Themes.

We don’t link any sites or products unless we think they will be useful to our readers. We won’t spam your email. But we may contact you if we see a great promotion! You won’t get daily emails from us.

We get paid for every qualifying purchase in both affiliate links and sponsored ads.

We also work with AdSense to bring you relevant ads.

This website allows you to refuse most of our ad displays and cookies if you wish. However, affiliate links marked affiliate or occasional banners may still appear. We would appreciate our readers leaving these cookies running to help you find relevant services and help keep the site running! But you are under no obligation to do so.

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Please bare with us while we add these changes.