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Affiliate Marketing UK Guide

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing in the UK, then read our no-nonsense Affiliate Marketing UK Guide. Bookmark us.

Top paying affiliate programs and the best ways to market them…

My Theme Shop Themes Below Are Excellent For Speed & Looks (ext links).

Affiliate Marketing is harder than it looks but with a few tweaks, it doesn’t get any simpler! Just look at your social media contacts and see what they’re into. You see it’s not about you, it’s about them. Put yourself in their shoes. (Use A Premium Theme!)

Learn about the topics that others are interested in and make sure you have comebacks and answers to their comments and questions. A little bit of research and study pays off! They will start to view you like a really useful knowledgable person (making conversions is no work at all). People will actually ask you! (E.g. CryptoCurrency).

Best Hosting Company UK

Shark Hosting has been pretty amazing to deal with. I prefer to have each website on cloud hosting and they have offers under £5 for the whole year! You can even buy a biennial or triennial hosting package in advance, making things much simpler.

Best Affiliate Programs For 2019

  1. – Coin Mama Allows Vistors To Register Quickly And Buy Their First CryptoCurrency. They Can Exchange Crypto Currencies And Refer All Their Friends And Family To Earn Some Extra Coins!
  2. – This is a company who focuses on building lasting relationships. It’s not only a dating site but a way of helping people find their true love, bride or just a youthful companion to spend on. They have a very generous commission structure and quality media. Virtual dating and online chat ads are great for mobiles.

The best affiliate programs pay more and are seen less. What you don’t want is to spend your whole day promoting $5 ads. That would be pointless!

After you’ve bought your domain name, hosting package and theme you import the layout, add your posts and affiliate links. Add social media sharing buttons and fire away!

You can start your affiliate blog or business website in no time at all!

Businesses can display an advert or link to help generate revenue. Though this shouldn’t be overdone. Find out what your customers are looking for. For Business Templates I recommend Template Monster. If you need help with installing any type of theme or template visit this link and you will see a service that will install premium themes or templates for you! MyThemeShop Themes are great for bloggers because of the ability to be GDPR compliant and hide ads. You can also refer friends or readers to earn a bit extra!

Other themes may be more useful, depending on what you’re looking for.

To find out more about blogging and SEO read our TIPS category or contact us.

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