Are iRobot And Terminator Our Future?

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iRobot, Terminator Are Futuristic Films Good Or Bad?

iRobot - this may actually come true.

iRobot – why this may actually come true.

I always watch films excited, with popcorn or snacks or having a lush take away. I think I am paying to be entertained, made to laugh, cry or feel scared. This is called Pleasure In Tragedy in Philosophy where the viewer can escape their own emotions (but unwittingly foretell their own tragedies as the drama unfolds), by identifying with others on the big screen… (usually a fictitious character or historical figure), whilst subconsciously releasing a number of unknown emotions from their past or present, whilst supposedly or under the guise of showing empathy. LOST was different as it showed Daniel Faraday crying about his FUTURE! Or was it his past?!

Daniel Faraday watching TV crying

Why Is Daniel Faraday Crying Watching The News On His TV? Image Credit: Lostpedia

The problem with watching LOST though it gave me easter eggs that introduced me into learning more about Philosophy, the characters were all dead or connected to the dead, or going to be dead which the writers didn’t reveal until the final episode! We were watching these guys for over 4 years…

Sonny Was Unique And Made In His Fathers Image

iRobot always stuck in my mind as he was standing all alone on the hill wanting to be a human, an individual and a leader. None of them was merely robots. They all had positive and negative AI souls installed. Sonnys was the only one that could not be switched from one to the other or weaponized. He was created to be unique “good”.

The irony of Sonny’s story is that he wouldn’t be able to reproduce or help his fellow robots and he would be alone for as long as he lasted but was still determined to make the world a better place.

We are left feeling a world of emotions identity, similarity, admiration, sadness, protection and even a triumph for an inanimate object, a story a robot. A fictitious character with a past, present and a future. (And he has a purpose!).

What does the subconscious mind do with it? Does it store and duplicate a greater copy for the future?

Our brains are like sponges especially children’s minds and this is why I think entertainment is shown 25-45 years from the futuristic timeline, the plausible/possible timeline and then the real or fast approaching timeline. The films are then marketed together or there is merchandise like toys, T-shirts, PC games and comics. It’s a very clever strategy. It is believed that our subconscious contributes to our future with grander or glorified versions of our past (our memories/our souls).

Android Humans Are They Real?

Terminator films also show various versions of human-looking robots. And some people claim they have seen such people in real life (synthetic skin/face). Seems strange, but you never know. Bionics has been studied for a very long time, it was happening in the ’80s and it’s included if you study Engineering, it’s one of the five key modules. But after all this time we don’t really see much of these. So what’s going on? Are they all in a storage facility somewhere like in iRobot?

There are lots of other films featuring these android characters. But the fact is that we are already becoming like computers via our mobile phones and other devices (especially iPhones and Alien design software/hardware, will explain later!).

Movies And Future Timelines

I think about timelines when I watch old movies and music videos from the ’80s and ’90s and see the predictions and events coming true as if they were written in deliberately.

Last night I was watching a timeline video on Prometheus, Predator & Alien. (Blade Runner was also mentioned as well as several others like comics). They all tie in together in a real specific timeline! Now you know, they ARE writing the future, or at least attempting to! This was also strongly hinted at in LOST with Walt and his polar bear comic on the plane ride there! And even Sawyer and his philosophy, psychology and Lord of the flies style books (which shows how the writers get their inspiration)  maybe there’s a deeper level to what you’re watching. The writers have surely have some advanced knowledge. (Prometheus & LOST written by Damen Lindelof) #ComicBooks #TimeLines #Films #TVShows (Prometheus storyline)

So what are we watching?! “Who are you people!?” “We’re the good guys Michael”

The other comment I wanted to say was about the scripts. Often scripts have a bigger story and meaning with details we never get to read/know. It’s kind of funny that we only get ‘half of the story!’ The other half gets edited out.

Michael Jackson wanted to buy Marvel. It just goes to show how much power is in comics and cartoons. Even more than music.

So it kinda leaves me wondering what our futures hold. We know what subliminal and frequency/binaural effects are but we keep on watching the latest movies because our curiosity and our anxiety/escapism (subconscious wanting to know the future) instead of creating it. 

Are iRobot And Terminator Our Future? 1

Are these movies and shows sheer genius, are they a self-fulfilled prophecy or the preview of a plot to take over the human race?… by a collective of robotic or evil minds (possibly artificial or artificially enhanced) or actual robots! You decide!

Movie Review iRobot Ft Will Smith
Are iRobot And Terminator Our Future? 2

A story about a batch of household robot assistants that goes horribly wrong! Will we have robots in our own homes by 2030? This film shows us what could happen if we do.

Editor's Rating:


Intelligent Robot

Internet Robot

What does V.I.K.I stand for? Why was his name Sonny?

When we connect with a character we may begin to copy them

Reasons for identifying with characters, strengths/weaknesses


Comment below!

(Post is written for entertainment and fun purposes only).

iRobot Is A Film You Can't Forget!


iRobot Science Fiction Film

iRobot starring Will Smith is a story about robots who were made to assist humans. They were in American homes and eventually they began malfunctioning. The batch that the public thought had been destroyed were stored in a warehouse facility.

Best scenes in i Robot were the V.I.K.I. scenes and the huge unexpected ending/plot twist!

Watch the film if you haven’t seen it!


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