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Best Free Web Hosting Site

Summary Of GoogieHosts

If you’re looking for free web hosting reviews and the best free web hosting out there, save your time, because GoogieHost is the best hands down!

Congratulations! You have now found the best free web hosting service.

A few years ago I found this neat little site that offered free hosting for a lifetime. They do send occasional promotions for cheap hosting and upgrades, but that is nothing when you consider a lifetimes worth of free hosting.

They have actually kept their word and delivered free web hosting, which is ideal for small projects such as blogs, journals, clubs and trusts and one page business templates.

GoogieHost Review Summary GoogieHost is a website you can trust.

So if you want a lifetime hosting completely free of charge, you can claim yours! You will only get one account, so make the most when you choose the domain to host for a lifetime!

77 / 100 SEO Score


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