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Best Blogging Niches Explained!

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The best niche for blogging will be an individual matter for most people. It will be something that you’re knowledgeable about or are going to give your time to researching. The best blogging niches to research are: Finance, Beauty, Technical, Health and Travel.

Within these niches are sub-niches that anyone can learn about. You’ll need a disclaimer. For financial advice there are laws about what you can and can’t say in the UK/EU. Cryptocurrency however, is independent of such restrictions.

Cryptocurrency Blogs… Ordinary people are now beginning to switching over and the popular choice to make money is Ethereum, Bitcoin is still popular. The casino & gambling market is also sure to make you money if you have the skills, traffic and SEO.

Beauty can cover many topics these days, including cosmetic gadgets, men’s grooming. We see more men of all ages, who enjoy grooming, using creams, moustache and beard products, face masks and more. Men also like to have trim their nose hair. Women may go for a toned body and clear skin or flattering. So this covers fitness, slimming products (health & beauty), anti-ageing products, detox and so on.

Technical Blogs, these are what net nerds dreams are made of, lots of data and stuff. If you can get tech subscribers you have a real solid chance of earning. Technical blog sub-niches can be computing, gaming, design, engineering, how to guides, experiments or test data, building and construction, media and production and more. Us nerds love the net! Capture their hearts, with a great looking blog!

Health Blogs can cover many different areas. Managing day to day ailments, identifying concerns using images, health forums, conditions & medications, support forums and inclusive content. When writing about health, you need to have an interactive audience or an audience who will click the buy button.

Travel Blogs are a great way to discover the type of holiday you might go for next. With the trend of travelling a few times per year, for the working, middle and upper classes, families and relatives flying in and out. Business trips and tourism, most people are seeking a bit of serenity and culture amidst the chaos. A short trip to Paris or go on Safari. You can help support and protect wildlife, go scuba diving, island hopping on cruise ships and so on. You can get paid in two ways, when you set up a travel blog!

Getting paid to travel seems like the ultimate job really doesn’t it?

The Best Niche For Blogging Summary

The best niche for blogging will be what benefits and enriches your lifestyle and the most people you feel you can reach out to, keeping aware of current day trends and topics. If you can find the right low competition keywords with the free SEO tools listed here, you’re sure to succeed in your new venture.

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