Best Squarespace Portfolios


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If you don’t have knowledge of website development, and you have no idea about web programming languages, Squarespace is the ideal option for you to create your photographer website. Due to the ease of use and availability of options, most photographers choose Squarespace for creating their portfolio website. Another important thing is that templates and themes of square space are perfectly mobile responsive, and your website visitors can view photos in the best quality regardless of the device being used to access your website. 

Advantages of using Squarespace for photographers  

Easy to use

For making a website on Squarespace, you don’t need any technical knowledge; all you have to do is select your desired options and add these options on your website. Squarespace is a top user-friendly web development platform.  

Custom templates 

If you don’t like templates provided by Squarespace, you have the option to create and upload your own designed unique template by using a custom builder.


Now a day no one can deny the importance of SEO to get more organic traffic on your website, Squarespace is best to boost your website ranking in search engines. Squarespace provides you many tools to improve the SEO of your website like AMP, Built-in mobile optimization, Built-in meta tags, automatic tagging, sitemap, automatic redirects, etc.


Unique and attractive design options of Squarespace are the reason that most professional photographers like to choose this platform for building their website. Squarespace provides undeniably, beautiful designs. Everything like layout, font pairings, and symbol designs are crafted to look beautiful.

Top photography websites on Squarespace


If you visit this website, you can notice that TARYN has used a classic template that perfectly represents the beautiful style of photography. The portfolio is divided into four parts, which are wedding photography, family portraits, maternity, and newborn sessions.


This is another fantastic photography website that is developed by using Squarespace. No doubt photography and designing of this website is awesome, but the way this photographer has used the design and templates of Squarespace to represent his work that is great. The portfolio of this website is divided into three parts weddings, Family+ Lifestyle, and Engagements. Overall it is a beautifully designed website, having all essentials.


This website is owned by a professional an international award-winning photographer named Angel Cheung. This website has a very simple interface, and the website is linked with Instagram, visitors can look at the portfolio on Instagram by simply clicking on given photos.

Lena Peterson Photography

Lena Peterson Photography website is also made by using Squarespace, and the photographer has attached his portfolio for customers; this portion is named as signature work.

Final words

We have discussed how Squarespace is a reliable option for Photography websites. You don’t need to spend huge money on hiring a website developer, Squarespace has solutions for all photography related websites that can help photographers to design an attractive website in just a few clicks.