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10 Tips For A Successful Blog

Tips For A Successful Blog – Top 10

  1. Always Offer Value/Service
  2. Use An Attractive WP Theme
  3. Set Up Subscribe & RSS feed
  4. Engage With Your Readers
  5. Keep Posts Fun & Entertaining
  6. Offer Free Trials & Discounts
  7. Schedule Weekly Weekend Posts
  8. Cover All Current Topics & Trends
  9. Provide Data, Statistics & Information
  10. Build Your Online Reputation/Brand

Your Service

Make sure you are able to meet your readers requirements in terms of understanding, readability, and offer help to your readers. Make sure your contact page, contact form, and details are all up to date. You can also list your services in local directories and search engines, such as Google Business. This helps you build your online reputation. And also shows Google that your business is here to stay. This will help you rank in the search engines.

Law Of Attraction

Using an attractive, or modern theme is also important. Or you may wish to use a creative design, or show off your digItal assets, such as photos, videos, graphic design, website designs, music, or other forms of media. You can insert widgets, players, and link your instagram feeds to your website, to help create a look that is aimed at todays market. Let your readers know your site is secure with a security logo, if you use security such as SSL.

Be Ready

Do set up a subscription service that is usable. And ensure that readers can subscribe & unsubscribe at any time. You can add a subscribe & unsubscribe link to your privacy page, to avoid getting marked as spam. You can also set up a privacy email, and offer to erase logins, comments, or other data. RSS feeds can be used on other blogs, so you will be giving others access to share your information. Select ping-backs and other settings in /Settings.


Engage with your readers, from the narrative, to the content, and offers you’re providing. You firstly need to understand your audience, and the ways they will be using your website. So set up analytics. And build and engage in social media platforms, and linked in. Make sure you invite others to your valuable offers & content. You can set up sponsored social ads, google ads, and that is a sure way to get more potential customers onboard.

Keep It Fresh

Keep your posts colourful, fun, & where possible entertaining. No-one wants to be bored when reading a blog, or website page. Make things clear & concise. But on the other hand, you can use fun graphics, pIctures, memes, or shorts, to help keep users engaged. You should also link your pages & posts to each other, so that readers have the chance to check out other articles, pages, and content. Crediting others websites & blogs is important. But nearly as important as linking your own services, and special offers.

Irresistible Promotions

Speaking of offers, you may want to keep your ear to the ground, and search for top offers from partners, and affiliate platforms. And though many people shy away from online marketing, they will be sure to check out the best free trials, and 90% off deals. When posting deals, it’s important to be clear, as there are laws on advertising to adhere to. Whether you want to enter the t&c, or make readers aware of the pricIng, and when the offer ends. It is always best practice to offer such information. ASA regulations and so on.


Why does scheduling work? Readers do not want to receive daily emails, which could potentially drive customers away. Instead, keep posts to a mInimal, and instead improve the content. Give your content its dues. And spend a little time researching. and adding the creativity, or message you want to share. And ideally write at least a thousand words, so that there is more substance to your article. Allow comments, or add Discuss to your website, and allow your readers to engage with one another. The weekend, or evenings are always a good time to post.

Data Visualisation

Use data, graphs, polls, or any medium you wish. But always keep your blog or website as interactive as possible. Readers like to click on more articles, more content, and more links, when you include a lot of data. Ensure you are attracting the right audience, by thinking about the images, videos, adverts, and media you share. Transform decision making with customer insights, and user -friendly visualisation tools.

Online Branding

To help build your online reputation, brand, or personal brand, you can add a reviews, or testimonials page, to help build trust for your online brand (add your. social media links). And also ask your readers for their feedback in all of the above mediums. You can research different ways to build your audience, but YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are the best sources of web traffic. There are now social media services which build your social media for you, if you dont have time. Many bloggers use Pinterest. But I feel it is rather limIted, except for your own photos, designs, and creations. (Fashion/Art/Store). Guest posts, press. release, media kit, and professional marketing campaigns can certainly help you launch your new online business. Visit Solvid for more information.

Successful Blogging Summary

The great thing about running an online blog, or internet business, is that you can run it from virtually anywhere, and have lots of fun in the process. The more you do, see, hear, and learn, the more you have to share with your readers. And the more you have to offer. Being an influencer, marketer, or social media expert isn’t easy, and it takes time to perfect. But there are experts who can help you polish & perfect your blog or website with just a couple of clicks, and get you the crowd you deserve. The best way to begin is with a few advertising campaigns, or a solid marketing strategy. If you are unable to do all of this, you can always hire someone with more expertise. And don’t forget, you can now get social media manager, or hire professional content writers, and copywriters to assist your new venture.

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