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A Modern Looking Website For You

We will create the very best website for you. Together we will pick out the best theme template, and make something beautiful. Understanding the way things work, in terms of user engagement, actions, and set your site to auto-update, meaning we will set up your website so it will always be fully up to date.

Why A Modern Website?

Younger target market audiences are pretty difficult to attract, but you will hopefully want to attract young to middle aged audiences, because of the lifetime value. In order to gain their trust & keep their attention, you’ll need an eye catching site.

There are all sorts of amazing themes for WordPress, and this is why we mainly use WordPress Themes. PHP templates on the other hand, tend to outdate themselves, and their functions over time. Though once installed, as long as the PHP version stays the same, things should function as normal.

Your website deserves a professional look. With features that will impress the most particular audiences.

The Types Of Templates We Customise

  1. WordPress
  2. PHP

Features such as call to action, social media feeds, multimedia audio/video & graphs, charts, and polls. Simply tell us what it is you’re looking for, or send an example, and we’ll do our best to make something even greater.


The turnaround for an average website is 3-5 days. £300-£500 plus any additional costs, which we will tell you in advance. Building a full website, with full content takes time. And you can hire content writers. But first give it a try yourself. We will support you in making your site successful, in any case.

What Do We Do?

  1. Point domain name servers
  2. Install WordPress/PHP zip
  3. Install the Theme & Plugins
  4. Import the Demo Theme
  5. Create Your Contact Page
  6. Install Cookies Notice
  7. Add a Privacy Policy
  8. Optimise your website
  9. Install firewall, and anti-spam
  10. Upload images/embed videos
  11. Write an about & home page
  12. Optimise with SEO software
  13. Install advertising on your site
  14. Give you detailed instructions
  15. Aftercare support for 1-2 hours

We can insert business & contact details, maps, opening times, testimonials, and anything that relates to your business. Have a good think about your website design, and give us a call/email.

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