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Blog Tips For Beginners 2024

If you need to know the basics of blogging in WordPress, you’re most certainly in the right place. Our aim is to help you succeed in your online endeavour, and to make something that lasts. Follow my quick guide, and learn more about the art of blogging, whether for business, pleasure, or a crowd.ere are 10 ways to get your blog seen in 2024… (contains partner links).

  1. A Premium Domain
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Create A Brand Logo
  4. AI Integration Plugin
  5. RSS Feed/Aggregator
  6. Data Visualisation
  7. Social Media/SEO
  8. SEO Backlinks
  9. Monetize/Advertise
  10. Guest Posts/Forums

To build the site of your dreams, you will need to get these services DOMAIN NAME, HOSTING THEME whether free or paid. And promote your new website with SEO & Social Media Tools. Keep reading…

Buy A Premium Domain Name

You will need to have a decent, or memorable name. And one that can be easily typed in. While keyword domains can be friendly, Google, and other search engines no longer use keywords (domains), but instead use content, related content, and related keywords. So, choose a name you can live with, that sounds good to you! Get a Premium Domain at Sedo, or Namecheap, or use this name generator tool.

What Is A Premium Domain?

A premium domain can be an aged domain, a short domain, or an expired domain with backlinks. What makes it premium is any conversions the name has had in the past, via sales, or parking/advertising. Short domains are premium because they are the most searched, and the most desired & sought after.

Catchy Domains

Catchy Domains can be innovative, or edgy, or have a specific look or concept. If you want a catchy domain, you can easily register one, or buy one with a logo. Catchy Domains may not pass the radio test/spelling test. So, unless you made up a genius name, it’s best to go for premium/expired. You can search marketplaces for expired domains, and also browse the domain auctions. I use Namecheap, because it tells you the age of the domain, and how many backlinks it has. I find it’s very simple to use.

Best Hosting

Whichever hosting company you use, ensure free backups are included. Also, ask if backups are enabled. You can set this up in your WordPress Manager, or in your hosting panel. Some popular hosting sites charge for backups, and additional features. So we’ve recommended a few companies that don’t. Namecheap are a good solution for most tasks. Including, domain name, cheap hosting, site submission & directory listings, free logo maker, & Social Media Manager (trial). Visit their promo page to take advantage of the free trials of WordPress Hosting, Logo Maker, & Social Media Manager, and money saving coupons.

We use these additional hosting services HostSlim (EU) green hosting/reseller hosting, & Verpex unlimited hosting/ cloud hosting. Verpex provide hosting servers in many popular cities in the UK, USA & more. They also provide free migration for existing websites. Verpex offers up to 90% off their multi hosting plans (annually). And you can also make great savings with HostSlim > use CODE FIRSTMONTH get 50% OFF.

For around £60 for 1 year, you can host up to 100 websites at Verpex. HostSlim.EU, you can get started from as little as £1/month for a single website. Reseller hosting starts from just £1/month, you can host about 5 websites for £1 with reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is not for beginners. But if you can navigate the dashboards, you can manage your friends or clients websites, clone websites, and much more with the click of a button.

  1. HostSlim from £1/month go…
  2. Namacheap FREE TRIAL go…
  3. Verpex Up to 90% OFF go…

Create A Unique Brand Logo & Identity

You should always seek to brand yourself, your business, and your blog. This way the first image will stick. And you want to choose something vibrant, colourful, and something that represents you. Whether you’re an absolute nerd, or an arty type. Be bold with your branding, and you will find it makes a huge difference. CREATE A FREE LOGO HERE. Here’s a couple I made earlier…

Dabble With AI To Make Cornerstone Content

AI integration is something people are all up in the air about. It’s a do I, do I not? type of situation. And there are actually plenty of uses for AI content in the modern age. Especially when crafting an online store, or business site. I recommend that pages should contain AI content & text, as well as certain promotions, or cornerstone content. But your articles should have a human feel, also. And you should include some of your own images/video. Though you can buy cool stock videos from Envato Elements.

Use An RSS Sharer & Aggregator Plugin

If you want to break out in the blogging business, and create a professional looking blog, you may consider an aggregated blog. In this way, you can import feeds from other blogs, and read a particular category feed, or a news blog. It only takes a few minutes to create, and you will not only learn a lot more about blogging, but you will also gain a following (go viral). If you’re an influencer, artist, musician, or someone who loves to review, or give tutorials, you may wish to share your feeds on such aggregators as well.

Impress With Data Visualisation

On the other hand, if your more into business, then data visualisation, as you know is pretty important. And can help you to turn viewers into customers. By adding such graphical data, you will be able to impress your visitors. As visitors love visuals. And men in particular, will prefer visualised content.

Leave Your Social Media On Autopilot

Social Media. If you are not a great fan of social media, but need to create social media sites in a hurry, you can launch your campaign, schedule posts, and get everything sorted out in a jiffy, with NameCheap’s Social Media Manager. They can also help you with directory listings, taking all the hard work out of it. You can even start with a one month free trial. But if you do already have a busy or active social media account, you should always try to integrate reviews, images, likes into your website. There are free plugins from the WordPress repository, where you can also schedule your posts to your social media accounts, but they usually charge. Social Media Manager is a pay monthly service. Start with a FREE TRIAL. 🙂

Buy Buy Buy SEO Backlinks

SEO Backlinks. These are essential for your website or blog. And help the search engines know that your website is relevant, and important. If a high domain authority site points to your domain, great. If a relevant site points to your name, even better. And if a spam site points to your website, then it needs to be removed. You can check your backlinks for free, using the AHRefs Free Backlink Checker Tool. And you can gain even more insights, using SEO Tools such as Wincher (free/paid). Then you can tell exactly where your traffic sources come from. You should also submit your website to search engines & directories using tools such as Attracta, The Ultimate Traffic And SEO Dominator, And SEO Clerks. But do be aware, that not all traffic is high quality traffic!

Monetise With Advertising/Advertise Your Site

Advertising with AdSense, or other ad bidding platforms or networks can help your website generate revenue, anywhere between $5-$2,000 per month. If you’re SMART, and as you gain experience, you will learn more about monetising your website/blog. And I will be adding some very decent options as well. You want things to look natural, and usual on your website or blog. So stick to an average flow, and allow automated tests. In that way, not only can you tell who the majority of your customers will be, and optimise your advertisers, you can also add the official Google Cookies Bar, which is really handy. See it at This is one of my websites, and I guess that as well as promoting my domain names, I can also gain a few clicks on the term invest. That’s an example of how you can use keywords to your advantage. Yes, there are many other overtiring platforms I can think of, such as Ezoic, Monetag, & Thirsty Affiliates. You can use free listings websites, there are many ways to get your site seen. Get sharing!

Even if you have to pay for advertising, you will be able to find the right audience with a little keyword research. That should bring you higher conversions. Stick with advertisers relevant to your niche.

Read our Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Guest Posts For The Professionals

Guest Posts are like special features. An article written about your website or domain, on a high quality blog, or website. Consider it a news blast. And if you use the right company, your guest post will be well worth the money you spend. You can find out more at They work with major firms, feature with them. Forums are a free source of advertising. But many forums will check to make sure you are who you say you are in terms of an expert in that forum. Or you can use discussion forums in general. Only drop a link in your profile, and a few here, and there, when answering a question. And that will be enough to build some pretty cool links.


Remember to be entertaining, engaging, humorous, and sweet to your readers. Everyone loves free things, and amazing unmissable offers. And, people enjoy reading positive, and upbeat content. If you run a site that offers information, make sure that people can digest it, and keep it flowing. Remember that images, videos, graphs, and social media, are the way to go!

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