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How To Secure A WordPress Site

Are you tired of the endless amount of spam comments, bots, phasing scams, hackers, login attempts, and hot link image hosting? Why do they do it? – I have no idea, But these malicious attacks can slow down your server, and slow down your site significantly. They can also gain access to you database, and server files, if you don’t have the necessary security in place, leaving you, & your customers vulnerable. You’ll need more than just an SSL certificate.

– How To Stop SPAM In WordPress!

There are a couple of free all in one plugins you can use, just by going to your Dashboard, Plugins, Add New, and Search for these free plugins. They are already in your dashboard plugins repository. Whichever you use is fine. You’l then want to set up login limit attempts. Unfortunately the original plugin for that doesn’t seem to do much. And I also suspect your 1st post “Hello World” if left there, will attract a huge crowd of not so nice people. Be sure to delete all demo posts & comments. Delete the login limiter plugin. It’s just like honey to a bear. Or honey to a bear… And try an alternative.

Yes they are FREE to use. And only take a couple of minutes to set up (thankfully). /Dashboard/Plugins/Add New/Search:

  • WordFence Security
  • All In One Security
  • Jetpack Is The Original
  • Any Similar Alternative

Next stage: Limit login attempts, duration, unknown users. Adjust these settings. Even if you mess up your login, you can still access it from your panel. They both work in the same way. And Jetpack is the oldest and most used around the globe. Though I recommend these two, as they are pretty fast to use.

Rename your login user name in the top right hand corner, go to edit profile. Add a nickname, and from the drop down, use your new nickname. Many hackers will try to use Admin and try to get into your site through unactivated plugins, themes, or whichever way they possibly can. Changing the appearance of your username, not letting people know what name yo log in with, will help you.

Beautiful Security Settings

You can use these amazing free security plugins which have so many functions. And do a pretty good job of protecting your website or blog. From phrase & word blocking to IP blacklisting, there’s also a logout feature, directory path change feature, you can set up firewall, and set up intuitive settings easily in just a few clicks. Now you can approve real comments. Or, if you don’t want any, simply turn them off in settings, or disallow comments in your settings or in your page/post. You can optionally setup CAPTCHA or Two Factor Logins, using various settings/and other free themes.

Another thing that will help cure your site from attacks is removing unused/unactivated plugins & themes. You should also have malware tools & scanners in your hosting dashboard. And backup options.

Because of online shopping, and device logins, you need to look out for your website visitors, as much as you can. Being the website owner, or business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your website virus free, & keep it updated, and secure.

While major sites are generally safe, smaller websites need to make sure they’re doing their part. If you run an online store, or larger business, you may want to consider premium security plugins, to keep yourself covered. Many hosting services also provide more security options, or PRO SSL at cost. See NAMECHEAP.

I have no idea where all these people come from. But, they can really make your servers lag. Delete all spam comments, and set them to delete same day. Job done! You may also want to get VPN Security.

I hope this helps you on your WordPress journey. 🙂

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