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WordPress Theme Upload Issues

In the latest version of WordPress 6.4.3 Mac users may be having difficulties with uploading themes to WordPress. And similarly have issues with zipping & uploading plugins. This is due to a security measure by WordPress, to disallow people to create zips of potentially harmful, or incorrect files, and upload them. However, there is a solution…

I recently tried to upload a few themes from my iMac computer. And while one theme was rather old, and needed a past version of PHP to install it, I still came across the same problem with a recent theme. Suddenly I realised, that nothing I was doing was going to work. Until I found out other people were experiencing the same. I always like to update WordPress users on the latest. And this is easily solvable. But hopefully they will recognise the inconvenience of this, and come up with a better solution for Mac users.

This hack can also be used for other files, such as images in other situations. But not for this particular process. By renaming the file type, with the necessary, or desired command [end].

How To Install A WordPress Theme Mac Users – Theme Uploads

If you downloaded a WordPress Theme or Plugin and it shows as a folder instead of a zip, this is what you need to do to successfully upload, & activate your new theme/plugin.

  1. Use the download browser/finder & rename the theme or plugin folder with .zip at the end.
  2. If you already have a zip allocated, then rename the folder 2, and then add the zip command.
  3. The folder icon, not zipped file will still show, but you can upload this to WordPress 6.4.3
  4. Simply drag, or upload the full file folder (theme or plugin folder) – must contain the CSS style sheet.
  5. The them/plugin zip can now be uploaded & activated successfully in under 1 minute.

Do make sure your max upload file size, and other settings are adequate for your new theme in the PHP options settings. Hosting Cpanel/Dashboard PHP Version>Ooptions>Max file size. Set as 256mb INSTALL.

Enjoy your new THEME! 🙂

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