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Our Services

I hold an Online Marketing Diploma and five years experience in setting up WordPress Blogs, SEO and Ad Marketing. I’m able to provide services such as consultation, SEO and keyword research, meta descriptions, design tweaks, speed up your WordPress. My Experience: I’m an Online Marketer & Life Coach. I have 5 years of experience in blogging. Life Coaching is my main vocation now. But I’m often asked to do small jobs to help rescue peoples blogs and websites. I am not responsible for any losses or damages to your site but I will always do my best to help.

If you already have errors or bugs, I can only try to fix those. I always suggest backing up your website or blog or saving your important pages/posts in text or html (code) to .docs or .rtf first.

10 Blogging Services I Provide

  • Consultation/Teaching
  • Theme Installation
  • SEO Setup
  • Speed Up WordPress
  • Tweak Design/Layout
  • Redesign (Modern Theme)
  • Taxonomy & Menus
  • Webmaster Tools, Indexing, Errors & Site Map
  • Social Advertising & Search Engine Advertising
  • Local Competition Research

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