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Service One – Install Your Professional Theme & SEO Plugin

For a one off fee I will install your theme for you and send you notes on how to set up your WP blog or site. Then I will install an SEO Plugin and some basic keywords. All you will need to do is write your new posts & pages and when you’re ready to launch and more used to WordPress, you can either set up your own Plugins or order more services.

Service Two – Install Cookie & Privacy Policy

For the same price I will install a real time cookie policy and a basic privacy notice. You will be responsible for checking, editing and updating your privacy policy.

Service Three – SEO, Keyword Research & Post Editing

I will check through your site, explore opportunities and make sure you get some targeted visitors to your site. The maximum work I will do is five posts and five pages. If you have not set up your SEO yet or don’t yet understand keywords, I will do my utmost to help.

Service Four – Consultation & Redesign/Theme Customisation

You may have bought a new theme or are thinking of buying one. Having the right design is essential. If you are using a page builder like Elementor or Bakery for example. I haven’t used all of the page builders available but I am apt at finding my way around them! You might want to change the layout or size and things of that nature. Or just add an SEO home page to your blog. As for consultation, I can help you pick out themes suitable for your project!

My Background/Experience

I hold an Online Marketing Diploma and five years experience in setting up WordPress Blogs, SEO and Ad Marketing. I’m able to provide services such as consultation, SEO and keyword research, meta descriptions, design tweaks, speed up your WordPress. My Experience: I’m an Online Marketer & Life Coach. I have 5 years of experience in blogging. Life Coaching is my main vocation now. But I’m often asked to do small jobs to help rescue peoples blogs and websites. I am not responsible for any losses or damages to your site but I will always do my best to help.

If you already have errors or bugs, I can only try to fix those. I always suggest backing up your website or blog or saving your important pages/posts in text or html (code) to .docs or .rtf first.

What’s included For £25.00?

1-2 hours work on your WordPress Blog or WordPress Website

*Please note I am not a legal expert but I can set up an active cookie & privacy pages for you. It’s your duty to ensure your website is fully compliant with the rules in your country. Ways to check: affiliate managers, business advisors, legal services, ASA.

**Please save a backup of your blog/site before we begin work. Or ask your web host.

***All digital/online jobs are non-refundable. You can request two amendments (no hassle).

Order Now

Order with confidence and we will begin work via Whats App or email. Just let me know which service you require, provide me the details I need and we will go from there. Payment Paypal and I will fulfill your order within 48 hours. I will email you on receipt of payment to book a convenient time.

Other Services I Provide

  • Consultation/Teaching WordPress
  • Advertising Setup/Online Marketing
  • Speed Up Your WordPress Blog Site
  • Adult & Casino Affiliate Sites (Niche Blogs)
  • Personal Development & Wellness Coaching