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Blog Tips 2023

Hi, I’m Harmony, and I’m a qualified Life Coach, which means that everything I do is with productivity in mind. I’m also addicted to learning. So follow blog tips that will help you get started in the world of blogging.

This is blogging for beginners (fast track) so, buckle up, as I take you on a new blogging adventure. Soon you’ll be the owner of a new and successful blog. Blogging should be all about your passion, your enthusiasm (your vision).

So, you want to start a blog? And want the world to see it? You might want to monetize your blog, and you can do this for free. I will guide you through the ads and other ways to make money online. You can do this discreetly by the way, and make profit from a popular or viral blog, by guiding your readers to the right relevant product, or service. Keyword rich content is key for reaching the right audience and for converting your readers into return readers, and customers. You can learn more about this by using analytics/SEO.

SEO & Marketing

For those new to SEO, keywords, and online marketing, I’ve some great news! If the world of SEO, keywords, and social media marketing is slowing you down, I have the most perfect solution for you. You can now get help with SEO & marketing, in just a couple of clicks.

There’s no point in creating a blog which noone will see. That’s why I recommend these blog services to newbie bloggers. It will save you lots of time, and help you reach your desired audience in social platforms, directories, Siri, Alexa & Google Voice Search methods, targeting younger audiences, with modern tech.

  1. Fasthosts SEO & Keyword Research
  2. Fasthosts Marketing Package

Using these services will help you find the relevant keywords for your blog, review, or wordpress store, and more.

Place your site in directories, and be found on the web, and in social media. Fasthosts create your social media, and other listings. And you can schedule a post to be shared whenever you like.

Fasthost Pricing

You get a free one month trial. And the monthly cost after is around £20 for both. Visit Fasthosts to see how it works!

Then you can focus on what matters, high quality content.

Though we are living in a technological world, and it’s important to keep up with the competition 😄👍 this is a great for those with an online store, review blog, or any type of blog, or small business website. Matching you with the right viewers. Being on social platforms, needn’t be difficult. Make sure you have created good content, before you start. You can do a few edits if necessary, incorporating your new SEO keywords.

Its important to stay current in the world of blogging. But how far should you go?

Should You Use AI?

Let’s now discuss AI, and the usefulness of it. When to use it, and when not to.

AI article writers are ideal for business websites, business blogs, and online stores. When you need to make a professional impression, you could use AI for some of your pages, and posts.

When it comes to blogging and reviews, natural writing is best, and here’s why:

  1. Your personal opinion counts
  2. Human experience matters

I’m writing this blog page, sharing my enthusiasm for blogging. Sometimes I’ll get it right, other times I’ll get it wrong. And that’s how it goes when you start a blog. You’ll learn from it, as you grow.

AI will be detected by search engines, and possibly your readers, so try not to overdo it. And use it with SEO on your cornerstone content. Example promo page, web store page, technology, or tech articles, or places where data are important. AI can also create charts, graphs, tables, images, and more. It can be highly useful in such instances. Having some accurate data in your blog, website, will be useful to readers. But try to balance it, with your own content.

Get Subscribers!

Another very important step is to ensure that your readers have the ability to subscribe & unsubscribe. Though you must clearly state your unsubscribe link in all correspondence, and in your privacy policy. A fast way to create a feed subscription is feedburner. It’s a bit old school, but it is fast and easy. There are plenty of modern ways to create subscription services to, where you can add fields, create lists, and post to the relevant audiences. MailChimp are one of the best. But it can be a little difficult to set up. Others charge, so shop around, until you find one you like.

Detecting, and blocking spam & bots is another issue. You can install plugins which block such pesky users. All in one wordpress security is one (free), and there are many free WordPress plugins.

Make Money Online

As I’ve now taught you how to reach the right audience, do keyword research, and market your blog site, let’s now look at ways you can start to earn! The niche you blog about is important, and if you choose to be an ambassador of a brand, focusing one one or two products or services, this is a better way to start, than trying to juggle too much at once.

Being a partner or affiliate makes you responsible, as you’ll be representing your partner brands. So time, effort, research & strategies should be applied.

Google Adsense, and other advertising networks are going to hopefully help you earn lots from ad clicks. The way it works is that advertisers pay Google, or advertisers by actionable clicks. This is where SEO research comes in. The better value your keywords, the more advertiser’s will pay to feature on your blog/website. The best method for monetizing your blog is to work with select partners, offer similar relevant information, and/or services. And then complete your blog with Ad Bidding. This method means that major networks will compete, bid, and you’ll get the top end CPC payments. This can range anywhere from $1-$100 (or more!). I’m not even kidding. If you follow my tips, you will be well on your way to making it in the blogging world. 😄

*A quick note about keywords. Google nolonger rank websites or blogs by just keywords. Instead they focus on the relevance, structure, mobile usability, scheme markup, and content quality. They also monitor your social media, backlinks, and direct type ins. Using tables of content, setting up meta and schema correctly, getting clicks from searches, will help. Make sure to post regularly, and wait patiently. Don’t give up on your blog. All you need to do is improve your marketing, your content, and most importantly, your structure. If you have all of these correct, you should begin to rank in search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more. And with the suggested tools, you should succeed.