Crazy For Blog Tips? We’re Here!

Blog Tips is a great site to help get you started with your new blog. WordPress is just a file management system and it’s not that scary. See step by step in our Blog Tips 101 category, we will show you how to begin in WordPress.

Blog Tips also features newcomers and new blogs and we examine the way each blog is set up and what we like, comparing the features. We look forward to featuring and reviewing your blog soon!

What sort of blogs do we feature/review?

  • Music Blogs
  • Fashion Blogs
  • Beauty Blogs
  • Foodie/Recipe Blogs
  • Causes & Charities Blogs
  • News Blogs
  • Natural Cures Blogs
  • Nature/Photography Blogs

We don’t accept political, society or sensitive subjects or adult material. You can order your blog review here. And it will be up in a matter of hours. Backlinking with a blogging blog in your category will be fantastic for your SEO. And it also provides us with fun and colourful content.

Who does the reviewing?

I can review Music blogs as I have some experience with music (ex Producer), I’ve modelled and I love my food a little too much and I enjoy nature. I’m a philanthropist and a parent who cares about the planet and I’m qualified in IT & Marketing. So I guess I’m your girl for now! Eventually, others will be assisting me. They will be qualified and/or trained.

What Theme is this?

Where did I buy my theme? Was it expensive? Trust me when I say I’m delighted with this theme! And no it wasn’t very expensive at all. It was under £40.00 you will have to scout around and see if you can find it. Visit: and you will also find FREE Premium WordPress Themes. For Example, “Musical” is a free WordPress theme, a music theme that all Artists, Bands and Producers should check out! I’ve also seen a music video review blog that uses an MTS viral theme. They are made for business, so you can build a store or generate ad revenue almost straight away!