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Be your own boss, start a WordPress Blog
Start A Blog And Become Your Own Boss Work From Home And Earn Money Blogging!

Want to start earning a substantial amount of money blogging from home?

Here are some easy steps to get your blogging business off the ground.

Most entrepreneurs know where the money is in 2020 (blogging/affiliate income).

You may have amazing ideas, yet you may be limited by your technical knowledge. 

But let’s cut out all of the jargon and technical details and get straight to making money from the comfort of your own home. – There’s no better time to create your dream life.


Do stay at home and do explore ways of earning a vast income…

  • Get your blog installed and designed for you
  • Chose the topics you are most knowledgeable
  • Create a plan of your blogging business
  • Think about your target audience and goals
  • Begin writing in a way that touches people
  • Add original images and videos to your blog
  • Incorporate related topics with expert posts
  • Build a professional looking social media page
  • Add a few banners/links and Adsense code
  • Place social media advertisements
  • Advertise on other authority websites 
  • Install the Moz tool bar and join SEOPoz (free)
  • Use SEO plugins like Yoast or Rank Math
  • Add content locker, social share buttons, RSS feed
  • Install WP AMP plugin and get even more coverage

Professional Blog Design Go Pro

Save yourself days, weeks, months or even years and let the experts handle the technical stuff. If you want to start generating an income immediately, you simply express what it is you’d like to blog about and how you’d like it to look. Many assistants install WordPress for as little as $5-50 and that way you are not paying for Web Design, only Blog Design. This might include a premium WordPress theme and plugins like Amazon. (Good option!)

Alternatives: Blogger Design, Auto Affiliate Blog Design, WordPress Website Design

Pick A Niche You’re Expert In

I try to explain to people that researching and blogging high CPC markets is highly competitive and you’d be lucky to stand a chance. You’re best off blogging about something original or worth a read. While you may want your blog to look like other blogs and feel like a real blog, your content has to be your own. People will stay and read your posts, because they are your posts. So, be true to yourself.

The best niches you can get paid in are probably:

  • Finance
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Health
  • Law
  • Real Estate
  • Medical
  • Technology
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Gaming
  • Vines/Videos
  • Films/TV/Music/Entertainment
  • Gossip/Celebrity News
  • News
  • Apparel
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationships
  • Recipes
  • Mother & Baby
  • Parenting
  • Gambling
  • Pets
  • Slimming/Fitness
  • Luxury

These are competitive markets, however… There are ways and means to concentrate your efforts and specialise in a particular area. There’s no need to go keyword crazy.

Using the correct categories and sub categories will help you build an amazing blog…

Create A WordPress Business Plan

Even though it’s just a blog, you will save yourself heaps of time if you research and create a business plan. This will include budget, sources of income, expenditure, target audience, competitors, exclusivity, improvements/weak points, to do! and projection.

When it comes to a blogging or marketing plan, it differs slightly. You can use Google Search, Google Trends, free keyword research website and tools, this is most important for categories and meta descriptions, rather than your actual blog/articles.

Keywords might be specific and I will give you an example:

Best WordPress Themes is an optimal keyword for my blog site. Best WordPress Themes 2020 is even better. But what about sub categories… Music, Technical, Beauty, Crafts..

The meta title of sub-categories will be Best Music WordPress Themes/ Best Crafts WordPress Themes. The meta title would be Best WordPress Themes 2020.

The Menu title might simply be Best Themes.

How you choose to create taxonomy (categories and menus) will have an effect on your overall SEO. And however deep you decide to go, will bring the richest results.

Even if you have no knowledge of keywords, you can type into Google and have a look. You can use your common sense to build a beautiful blog that gets daily views.

Join Affiliate Programs And Sign Up For Adsense!

The fastest way to make affiliate earnings is to add some affiliate links into your blog post. You may also add a header banner that gets attention. Some WordPress plugins allow you to rotate your banners, so the look of your blog is always fresh.

To set up Adsense, sign up using a Google email account and submit your website/URL. You will be given a code to insert into your WordPress header (code/script) your blog designer can do this for you and set up Adsense auto ads.

There are plugins or premium themes which allow you to enter your Adsense code yourself.

Your blog should have plenty of posts and relevant keywords in order to be accepted by individual merchants (if using an Affiliate platform such as Awin, Share A Sale or JV Zoo) and Adsense. As previously mentioned related content and keywords are the best way.

Blogging From Home Summary

To run a successful blog it’s important to delegate tasks/build a team, research a little (Google and competitors) and add your own quirkiness & original look.

Add social share buttons, social feeds, RSS subscription/Subscribe box and ensure your posts are worth sharing. Don’t blog for the sake of blogging or profit, focus on quality.

Focus on one blog and once it starts to make a turn over, repeat and start another!

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