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I want to comment on why I think blogging is great and all the amazing things it can be used for. Blogging is an easy way to communicate and share ideas with everyone. But it can also be a therapeutic practise.

I’ve written all my life, sometimes good, sometimes crap (if I’m honest about it). Blogging really helps me to improve as a writer and I have been learning about niche blogging.

Actually, a general blog or lifestyle blog is easier and better for someone like me. I think an entrepreneurial blog is even better than that so I will be starting one this Fall.

Because the way I use the laptop or fry it, needs to have some justice. I would like to help inspire others and show my journey and what motivates me.

Currently I am studying Counselling & Psychotherapy. I think that my blog skills can be put to good use to help others, once I set up my business website, it will be a two in one!

Things that I believe in and causes; a vision, a world I want my children to live in. We want to see a better world and we have to take responsibility in helping to shape that world, rather than sucking up to larger corporations! You can market away, but at the end of the day, you need PURPOSE.

Share from within your network or networks, promote, build community and interest. I have plenty of music friends I could give a mention to, friends that work as wildlife conservationists, others psychologists and so on. There’s s much scope and opportunity when you run a genuine blog. And blogging is easy once you can visualise and get others involved, include them, share with them and make it a personalised, detailed experience.

So that’s all I really wanted to say…

I have moved from Poetry, to writing with aphasia, to healing and creating reasonably good looking websites, which have returning readers, converted customers and hopefully spark some interest. While setting up a blog is not necessarily easy, the blogging itself if it comes from the heart is. And that is all you have to do to be a great blogger!

Take care and stay safe.x


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