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Blogging Success 2019

Successful Blogging Needs Strategy

To be successful at anything creative, you need to have the right tools when you need them! Sadly if you don’t have the right tools, it may never happen.

This is true in art, music, poetry, and blogging. The first and most important thing is does your theme suit your vision? We are visual creatures and we need to create a pleasing environment not only for others but for ourselves. This will make or break your blog.

“When you have a nice looking blog, you’re going to feel happy and #share.”

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Download Free Business And Marketing Plan Templates

Planning a successful blog project should also include a business and marketing plan, plus a small team or a few friends. What goals do you have? How will you make your income? How will you research your keywords? (usually charged Rank Math does this free!) You can’t just combine articles and keywords hoping for the best. While this can attract many people to your blog but it won’t look smart or professional. You need to retain your visitors, engage them and give them something they need. Concentrate on a particular audience. And that’s how you make an expert blog!

Attracting like-minded people who think along similar lines is a good idea. Rather than trying to please everyone. See if you can get others on board with your idea. You might think there are few people like you but you’d be surprised.

Write what is acceptable to you first of all and stay true to yourself. Even when people are critical don’t be discouraged, we all have a hidden writer inside us. Sooner or later you’ll get there!

Business Plan:

  • What is your Business Name?
  • What is your business about?
  • What is the objective of your Business?
  • Who are your Competitors?
  • What is Unique about your Business?
  • What are your Weaknesses?
  • Can you delegate the tasks?
  • How will Revenue be made?
  • What additional Income can you earn & how?
  • Have you done your Market Research?
  • What did potential customers say?
  • What is the Forecast for the year ahead and 2020?
  • Who can you network with?
  • What is your MARKETING PLAN?
  • Branding
  • Testing

Keywords are going to make all the difference. Having strong SEO skills are vital to any online business. This is why you’re sure to succeed with RankMath!

Followers, Teamwork, Popularity

What’s a blog or business without followers?