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Best Ways To Monetise Your Blog!

Nowadays there are some great advertising partners, who offer the very best in advertising, positional ads, pop under ads, and more. You can now get paid per display, rather than per click. The more traffic you have, the easier it is to earn.

If you receive lots of traffic, but not many ad clicks, or sales, this is the surest way to earn until you do.

TIP: This type of advertising fits nicely into any type of web traffic you may have. Why not take a look?

Make Money Online With Monetag

Monetag offer premium ads that are bound to appeal to your audience. This is the best WordPress Plugin! And you can get started directly from their website, in just a couple of clicks (less than 1 minute).

Is It WordPress & Adsense Compatible?

Yes, we use AdSense, but we also use Monetag on all of our websites, which looks really good, and is compatible with Adsense, rather than being the alternative. Getting started is really easy. Here’s how:

How To Monetise Your WordPress Site In 10 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Add your websites/blogs
  3. Install the plugin with one click
  4. Grab the tag for your header
  5. Go to Theme Customiser
  6. Paste the meta tag in your header
  7. Then verify with one click
  8. Choose the type of ad display
  9. And start generating revenue
  10. Login to check your earnings

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