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Blog Tips For Beginners 2024


How Do People Make Money With WordPress?

Why WordPress? My younger sister once described WordPress as an internet marketers wet dream. And she wasn’t wrong. The modern day influencers tend to post a lot of video content, or spend money on technology, photoshoots, and events. Or holidays, & a flashy lifestyle. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which handles all of the content you wish to share, with just a click of a button. You can program WordPress to post to other platforms automatically. WordPress blogging is a low cost solution, that you can start from £1/$1 for the first few months Fast Hosts, 1&1. Compare this to other companies, it’s actually a great deal. Share your events, stories, or tips with the world.

Brand Yourself

Now your personal branding, and internet image is EVERYTHING. If you haven’t thought about this, then this is something you’ll need to consider. Who do you identify as? Who do you follow? Who follows you? And what type of content, or information do you offer? 

Influencers are always using TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, X (Twitter), Discuss, & Reviews.

You don’t have to look like a super model to post articles, or videos that people will enjoy. But what you do need to be aware of, is the first impression you’re making online. This is why you’ll definitely need to up your game!

How To Promote Your Website

  1. Use a social media manager app, which you can access via Fast Hosts, or NameCheap. In that way, for a small monthly fee, you can make sure your blog gets enough traffic, visitors, subscribers. Create a few videos, & post!
  2. Check your online reputation with reviews manager. Again your hosting company can provide these tools. Some are yearly contracts, some are simply subscriptions. It’s your choice!
  3. Research new ways of presenting data. Use AI, and use polls, vouchers, popups, and create irresistible promotions, and giveaways for your readers!
  4. Make your readers feel; valued & important when they visit your blog or website. The focus should always be on THEM, not YOU!

What Do Blog Readers Want?

  • Education
  • Inspiration
  • Entertainment

People take to the web when they want to pass time. This could be when commuting to work, for relaxing, or just escaping the day. While some want to spend money, the majority just want to chill, and listen to, or watch some engaging content. This is why podcasts are getting ever more popular. You can make a podcast website in WordPress, there are certain themes you can use, that allow this.Reviews are another one, many people search for reviews. But the best retention you’ll get is from educational videos, interviews, & podcasts in 2024.

“We all saw the Katt Williams interview, I think the whole world has seen that interview”.

There may also be more activity in religious, social, and economic trends, as we are slowly beginning to shift into global digitalisation. It’s another reason to get your site up & running as soon as possible.
Peoples opinions really matter, far more than any AI. If you have a website that can use Discuss, integrate it, everyone will be using it, and similar platforms soon.

Have Fun With Your Blog & Your Readers

No-one likes BORING. So have a sense of humour, stay current, and live a little. Don’t be so overwrought on getting things right, that you forget or have fun.