Domain Authority Tips And Tricks 2019

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Domain Authority Tips And Tricks

These domain authority tips and tricks should help you to better understand what you need to do to improve your DA, SEO and Traffic.

As I muddled my way through my own domain portfolio (I’m a PT domainer), I sometimes forgot to check the DA (domain authority). It’s really important to have good domain authority if you intend to run a successful website or online business. Not only should you concentrate on well written and researched content or articles/posts but also ensure that the pages of your website or profiles are relevant and legitimate (and their descriptions META).

DA is about the quality and accuracy of the name, the quality of the visitors from search engines, social media, backlinks and lastly the quality of your site’s pages.  The length of the visit and other factors will surely affect the domain authority positively or negatively.

The more official or engaging your site is, the higher the DA will be. If it shows up in search results, it should be a good enough indicator, but why not check further?

Begin a website audit and try to improve some of your site’s pages.

Use a rank checker tool to find out which pages and phrases are ranking.

Avoid blackhat and do consider directories and reaching out to similar websites or blogs.

Mention other sites, that’s very important, especially on your home page, the higher the DA of the sites you link with, the higher yours should be.

Create an attractive format, but do include broader information, charts, graphs, tables or data.

Resist making too many changes in META and do the proper research, take care of your DA steadily. is the authority which determines DA and you can check your domain authority for free by using their free checker or toolbar. You can also run an audit and find out which backlinks are impacting your website negatively. You can always contact them and ask them to remove your website URL if you wish. Google can also remove these links for you.

Check your pages and make sure you are not spamming with irrelevant content and adverts. The text to code ratio should be reasonable. And the description should be accurate. In fact the more accurate the description the higher you should score.

Lastly, get into some editing, graphics, vlogging or photography, you may think you don’t have time but it’s all going to pay off. Most webmasters are highly creative and the time it takes is definitely worth doing it properly.

Now I’ve explained the basics to you, here are the top 5 domain authority tips and tricks of 2019!

  • Always Keep It Short And Sweet – keep everything simple and tidy for now
  • Add Official Links – relevant to pages and posts (no ads!)
  • Ask A Few Pals/Join A Directory – get a small network going
  • Revive Your Social Media Accounts! – people will come n go
  • Make Your Site User-Friendly And Colourful – don’t be boring!

DA and SEO are intertwined in the vast cyber universe. Get one right and the other one will follow. Start your site with Authority!

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