What You Should Avoid When Blogging

April 11, 2022
Dos & Donts
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Don’t Spam Your Family & Friends

Most family & friends won’t be as enthused as you are about your new blog. They may at first be interested or polite about your idea but later on they may begin to resent the time or money you spend on it. What you are doing is telling them this thing that might not work is a priority. They might want that extra time and attention from you. Try to keep business and personal life separate wherever possible.

Do Be Patient

Blogs take months, sometimes YEARS to be successful. And you should never give up with your blog. The most valuable blogs can be lost because we lose hope or interest in them. You delete them and get thousands of visitors per day. That’s a waste. Blogging takes practice!

Do Network With Associates/Group Members

Network or reconnect with people, find out what they’re doing, offer to help people who are interested and let it roll from there. Trust me if they are not interested in the beginning, then they probably will never be. Because it depends on the personality type and so many things. Many people find online marketers extremely annoying.

How can you get your message to fellow artists or bloggers without spamming? Join groups and follow similar people. Be as considerate about the number of posts and messages you give out. Remember to give credit & thanks to your followers and fans.

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