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Swagbucks Returns! Swagbucks Review


I had totally forgotten about the point I’d previously earned and it was a nice surprise to discover I had so many points in my Swagbucks account. It’s quite fun to use actually and not like your average cashback site. You can earn points for free. And we like free! If you travel by train a lot you can earn extra points too.

I enjoyed and am still enjoying Swagbucks. I was looking for how to get the Google button so I can search and earn. So this is the link I’ll leave you all with. Happy days.

Here’s a chance for you to earn Swagbucks to turn into gift vouchers or PayPal change without spending a dime!

There are a few ways to earn Swagbucks but the best way is to refer your followers. You can earn 100 swag bucks or 300 Swagbucks when you share the link or email and they spend 300 swag bucks. The 1st sounds easier. So if you’d like to sign up and get sharing, let’s see how much swag bucks we can earn!

My Forgotten Swagbucks

I logged in to my email, I swear I haven’t used it for years and there were swag bucks waiting there for me! You can even cash out in your PayPal. Mega-convenient.

10 Ways To Earn Swagbucks

  1. Refer for a 300 bonus & 10% lifetime Swagbucks (over 300)
  2. Refer Swag Chrome Button for a 100 bonus Swagbucks (PC)
  3. Toolbar Searching, Shopping & Cashback
  4. Watch Videos
  5. Play Games
  6. Answer Surveys
  7. Buy Gift Cards (e.g. public holidays)
  8. Lotto Go £1 = 55 chances to win + 750 Swagbucks
  9. Hotel Bookings
  10. Euro Train Booking

10 Ways To Cash Swagbucks Rewards

  1. Gift cards
  2. Sweepstakes
  3. Paypal
  4. Mastercard
  5. Steam Digital Wallet
  6. Marks & Spencer
  7. Save The Children Donation
  8. Argos
  9. Cafe Nero
  10. iTunes

Swagbucks Toolbar

Earn Swagbucks now! Just add it to your laptop or computer. That way you won’t forget and will find some Swagbucks on your account like I did! Download the button now.

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