Facebook Ads Cost

Facebook Ads Cost Less Than You Think

An effective way to rach your target audience is setting up ad campaigns. You can set the countries where you want your ads to show. In addition, if you look in your webmaster tools/search settings, you might see which countries you get better results. Choose your countries, next choose interests (up to 4) your target audience. The other settings relate to cost and how much you’d like to spend over a certain period. Ideally, you will be starting your ads around the weekend time, end of the month or lunch times and evenings, once again Google Analytics or Aw Stats (Cpanel/host) can show you what times your website is most popular (when people click on your keywords or social share links.)

Facebook Ads Fully Tested!

I ran a tester campaign on Facebook Ads, cost me far less than I had anticipated. And got 20xs the number of clicks I usually get and this only cost me 0.08 per click! Is it worth the money? – Yes! Does it take long? No. It takes little or no time at all to set up an ad. But make sure that it’s an attractive or intriguing one.

All you need to do now is concentrate on your writing. 🙂

*The only thing I will say as a warning, -please read this part carefully* is that Facebook Ads will be automated in the near future. If you don’t know how to use this tool correctly or if you make a mistake, this could cost you BIG TIME. Similarly with other campaigns especially certain high CPC niches in AdWords (they can be over £50 each per click). So if you need help setting up or running continuous campaigns – I can help. Just get in touch.

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