FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

  • WordPress.com is a free and paid blogging platform, – no host required.
  • You can have an extended URL or your own URL/Domain name on the above.
  • WordPress.org is a WordPress Theme & Plugin repository (free downloads).
  • In addition to the free WordPress Themes found in WordPress, get free Themes.

Is it easy to make a blog in WordPress?

  • A WordPress blog can be a bit tricky & fiddly to begin, that is why we built this blog.
  • Creating posts and pages in WordPress is kids play, exception the legal points.

Where do I find out more about Marketing & Advertising rules/policies?

  • ASA CAP will check your web page for free. For a whole site check, they may charge.

What is domain authority? How do I improve my blogs DA?

  • Domain Authority was created by Moz.com to better understand Google Search.
  • You may want to use Moz’s free trial ONCE you have enough pages and posts.

Which Affiliate Programs are the best for bloggers?

There are two types of affiliate sites: Affiliate Programs & Affiliate Platforms/Networks.The best affiliate programs for bloggers really depends on a few factors, such as audience, age and habits. Generally trendy items will sell.

I’m not getting any traffic to my blog. What should I do?

  • You can share your link on blog comments, forums and Facebook groups (accepting links).
  • Create content (images & video) sharing on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok & LinkedIn.
  • Use a good SEO (search engine optimisation) Plugin like: Yoast/Rank Math and Key Words.

What are Longtail Keywords? And why are they best to use?

  • Longtail Keywords are intended to be specific and informative. But don’t make them up.
  • You can either use an SEO Plugin, Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Research site.
  • Simple Keywords are great for blog categories. Longtail for titles, headers & images.

Which are the common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid?

  • Avoid using too many free Themes & Scripts, not all of them are secure/error free.
  • Pro WP Themes generally have better coding, which means they are SEO friendly.
  • Don’t post for the sake of posting. Wait until you have a good idea, then share it.
  • SEO Plugins can make you think you need to write robotically. Feeling is needed.
  • Do break up your blog with images, boxes, graphs, charts, videos and doodles.
  • Post related topics and use Related Keywords to ensure you’ve covered everything.
  • Accept both positive & negative criticisms and ask friends & bloggers how it looks.
  • Never give up! No matter how hard or how long it takes. It can take months – years.