AdSense Approval

Getting AdSense Approved -Help!

You’ve applied for AdSense and now you’re waiting to hear? Or have you been refused? Yes, AdSense is getting much stricter for sure. AdSense is really great when we have a traffic blog and AdSense approval. Most people don’t understand how it works so well. You need real traffic visiting your website. And you need people to engage with your content on your website. This takes trial and error and plenty of practice. I’m still learning myself and I admit that. But I’m certainly having fun trying, testing and experimenting! This can become an annoyance for advertising companies and partner programs. And you don’t want to send multiple applications to AdSense. Once approved, you’ll usually be approved for your other sites as long as they have the correct privacy policy and some decent content. So you won’t have to go through all that again. Currently, AdSense is being extremely cautious with what they promote and how they promote it and most importantly where they promote it! -Take a look at their policy.

Being Compliant – Disclosing Tracking and Advertising Cookies!

First you need to make sure that you use the appropriate GDPR notice that discloses the use of tracking cookies. You can set an option to turn on or off or you can ask them to accept if they wish to continue to use your site. So using the right plugin and the right wording in your privacy policy is paramount.

Use Qualifying Keyword Rich Content

So you need to learn how to get your website ranking? It’s not hard and there are tools to help you do this. Or you can just type in Google the first word of the keyword and see what comes up. Or have a look in the Google trends pages. You also might use mid and low competition keywords and phrases in your blog posts and provide some variety and rare words in your blog. But you’ll want to rank for some of the high competition keywords too. For example your main page and description – what your blog or website is about.
Content should always be natural and include media. The followers should be able to leave comments and shares and watch videos or interact somehow with other users.
If you use something like free games, widgets, calculators or something readers can engage with. Then this might help you to be approved 2nd time around, once you have made those improvements.

What To Do Before Applying For AdSense Again

Take your time and build your blog first. Think of the long term and not the short term and thinking of being transparent and helpful to your readers. Make long term plans and go over your compliance with a professional.

With all the changes in advertising, I think it’s fair to assume that advertisers don’t want to set up shop with people who are trying to make a quick buck. If this is the case then it will be obvious. So if you’re serious about your blog there should be no reason why you will be refused. It might be better to apply a few months down the line. And start your own services or guest posting in the meantime. Get people interested and onboard!