Read our guide to starting a blog BEFORE you start your blog. Bookmark this page because we will tell you how to start a WordPress blog and save yourself a lot of time and money. If you have decided you want a blog you can advertise on and make money, then WordPress is the number one blogging platform to do that. WordPress is free to install from your hosting cPanel and you can buy hosting from £6/year.

I’m going to tell you the truth about starting a blog, saving money, how hard it is to make sales, and how happy you will be when you get there!

There are many hosting companies or free domain name offers and contracts that can get really expensive the following year. Buyer beware. Most of these larger hosting companies offer light speed hosting. I have tried it and the hosting is so fast and this helps with SEO ranking. That is the plus side. The down side is the jaw dropping prices the next year. And it can be difficult or daunting to switch over to another provider. Some hosting companies on the other hand are so cheap, they are called reseller hosting companies and they can delete your blog/s! Beware of anything that looks too good to be true.

So please use reliable hosting and blanket prices on your domain registration that stay low the next year. See Domains & Hosting.

If you intend to make money buy a purpose built theme. It doesn’t get simpler than that. MyThemeShop & Blossom Themes are favourites.

It’s usually tough to generate sales from organic traffic alone. Even sharing with family and friends, they might not be enthusiastic or think you are trying to get their money, others may have more supportive friends and networks. You have to be really careful not to damage your relationships or your street cred, obsessing about blogging. You might not even get a sale the first month or quarter. That’s the reality of how tough it can be. Eventually with practice, you will learn how to make conversions, how purpose theme designs help and how you can maximize your profit.

It’s actually the concept and writing style that will stick your blog together like glue. If you write more than one blog, this is probably going to mess up. You should aim to be consistent with your blogging and post to social media regularly. Scheduled posts or a marketing plan will make the world of difference. You can review and revise this as you go along. Always keep record of what is working for you and how you made your first sales.

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