How To Choose A WordPress Theme

ad sense blog theme why chosing a blog theme is important

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Many people get completely lost in the world of WordPress and Blogging. There’s always some new feature and other people always seem to have a better looking blog! So here’s a quick guide on how to choose a good WordPress Theme!

The blog header is VERY important. It gives the overall impression of your site.

Social Media icons/feeds, where do you envisage those? Does the theme cater?

The blog theme should be spacious, uncluttered and as traditional as possible.

Stick to your niche, don’t try to make a different sort of blog theme to suit yours.

You will want to get as many free plugins as possible (if you are intermediate).

Look for clean code, SEO Optimised, colour options and a modern features.

Don’t go for 100 of design functions you don’t know how to use. Keep it simple.

A good blog theme should make your content pop. You don’t want small text.

If the theme includes contact forms and useful features/plugins go for it!

Creative blog themes and quirky themes do well. You may want different and that can work too, especially for small businesses. People will remember your web blog and visit again.

You have to judge with your own eyes, is it comfortable? Easy to navigate? Easy to stay on? Easy to read? If the answer is yes, then that is probably the right theme for you.

Check out our LINKS page for THEME STORES (featured image is the Ad Sense Theme).

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