How To Create Your Own Blog Using WordPress


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How To Create Your Own Blog Using WordPress And Make Money Blogging

Find out how to create a WordPress blog and start making money online.

Why WordPress?

Blogging in WordPress is the no 1 choice for entrepreneurs and start ups/enterprises. Offering more flexibility and control, when it comes to design and performance. WordPress is the preferred platform and method used by most bloggers. Recent WordPress alternatives include: Blogger Square Space And Google Cloud. People choose WordPress as there are no hidden or inflated prices, you only need to buy your domain and hosting to start a WordPress blog (Under $15).

Getting Started In WordPress

There are only 5 steps to start a blog in WordPress and it takes around 10-60 minutes.

  1. Choose A Good Domain Name
  2. Purchase WordPress Hosting
  3. Set Up Your SSL Certificate
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Set Up Your Privacy & Cookie Pages

Once you have these done, you can start posting straight away.

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Choose A Domain Name For Your Blog

Choose a good domain name, it’s very important to choose a good name for your blog!. A domain name that will attract the most readers and be memorable. Domain name types to consider for blogging would be: abstract, keyword or brand-able, you will know which type of blog name you want and what type of blog you’ll be writing. If your writing a blog about music poetry or a photography blog, you might choose an abstract/artistic domain. OR a domain relating to your artist name/writing handle.

If you’re hoping to enter a niche, say the financial market, you would want to place the keyword BEFORE other worlds Domain names with two or three keywords can work well but tend to sound a little boring. So keep that in mind. Attracting people is way more important.

Brandable names are short or abbreviated domains, usually .com. Something people will learn and remember as your unique brand. But they won’t pass the radio check and will likely require more marketing.

(Use the same company for domain name and hosting. For a few bucks difference, it will save you the hassle of pointing name servers and waiting for the propagation process)…

Pointing your name servers to your new host.

If you already bought a domain elsewhere you will need to point the domain name servers/DNS to your web host. Name servers typically look like this Copy your name servers and in your domain name dashboard click DNS or Name Servers. You enter two addresses ns1 and ns2 and click SAVE.

WordPress Hosting VS Cloud Hosting

WordPress Hosting has settings which make it even faster than cloud hosting. Though it can cost more it’s worth the extra bucks because you get turbo speeds.

Set Up Your SSL Certificate

You might have automatic SSL. So, once your name servers are pointing, check and see. Go to the app SSL Status in your CPanel dashboard. At the top it will say run auto SSL.

In other packages you’ll fins Apps like auto SSL or Easy SSL. So get your free security certificate installed BEFORE you install WordPress. Alternatively, use a free SSL plugin later on.

Install WordPress with one click. Or scroll down to the bottom of CPanel and click on WordPress then click install. When you are installing WordPress it should be HTTPS preferably, and you would leave the directory option EMPTY. 

Scroll down and you will have a few advanced options, click + advanced options. Check the boxes you require: (Auto update WordPress, Themes, Plugins & Backups). It will also ask you how often you’d like to back up your site and how many versions. 

Finally at the bottom of the page it will ask for your email. Then click install!

Set Up Privacy And Cookie Pages

There’s an auto draft policy included in WordPress. You should include your website name or company name. Let readers know you use cookies and comments are stored on the web page. Finally you will let them know your email, should they wish to remove a comment or ask about any data you store. And state what plan you have to protect their privacy from hackers and let them know of any breech (membership sites etc).

You can get different types of cookie policies. You can use simple style cookie bars or use auto. Installing a cookie bar is free to do in WordPress. If you’re a business and want in depth cookie queries, you can use Complianz plugin (free). These plugins ask for your Policy page. Create one or attach one. That’s it -You’re all done!

AYou should also notify people if you use advertising and create a suitable terms of use or legal disclaimer for your website.

Making Your First Post In WordPress

Click on +new and select post. You will see options for adding blocks, embeds, photos and more.

Free WordPress Themes & Plugins

You can visit and search THOUSANDS of Themes & Plugins from the repository.

Get Help With WordPress

You can maybe hire an assistant to install WordPress for you and help with privacy etc.

If WordPress is too daunting or difficult, you may want to use GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly and so on. Terms of use is for usage of the site (product, streaming, playing, downloading, comparison), Legal Disclaimer for viral blogs, health blogs, money blogs.

How To Create Your Own Blog Using WordPress Summary

With just 5 steps you can start your own WordPress blog. If you need any help contact us!