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Fix Duplicate Home Pages

WordPress duplicate home page is a really annoying issue. Several of us do it even experienced bloggers can miss it and end up with two home pages one that looks like this blog-tips.com/ and one that looks like this blog-tips.com/home. This is really annoying but your choice is to either reinstall everything and start from scratch (delete your first demo home page) and create your first home page or carry on and leave it like this /home.

In this instance, my blog-tips.com is a blog posts page and not a home page. But I also now have blog-tips.com/home. So I have the choice of two home landing pages.

Obviously, I can now have a blog posts page which would ordinarily be set as blog-tips.com/blog a new page set as a posts page. But with this theme, I wanted to make my plain URL a posts page and not a static home page as the plain URL.

Blog-Tips.com has gone through a lot of changes and it will probably see a few more before it’s complete. I am a very busy person, I own several websites and blogs and this name has been stolen, it has been broken (by a theme) and all sorts. But excuses aside, I will show you how to fix your site errors and start ranking again.

Let’s look at the website sitechecker.pro it’s invaluable to me when I want to check my websites for errors. Rank Math is also great at this, but an external site makes it a bit more comprehensible and quicker to fix.

Now let’s be honest! What errors did this blog have?

This site had a couple of missing meta descriptions which I thought were set up to be automatic. Category descriptions, [which is even more important].

A duplicate home page and yet it runs off a posts (blog) layout. I really wanted to get my SEO right and I simply forgot to delete my extra page.

Don’t rush things! Make sure you give all of your categories, posts and pages accurate descriptions and meta descriptions.

Check for errors regularly!

You can also check for your ranking. I had some recent competition and for now, I am out of the game. But I will come back soon with better content and address the issues of DA, Indexing and all those other niggles. You will see this blog slowly rise back to the top!

Now that I have at least fixed these crawl errors, I think I will sleep better at night! Someone left me a comment that I had duplicate content (thank you). It’s just taken me a while to face my own errors. My site was in the top 20 last year and with all of the indexing errors in the Spring, me faffing around, it’s become a rather sore subject. But I think fixing errors should be first on the list.

What else do you need to know about SEO and pages?

Submit your site maps as http and https!

76 / 100 SEO Score


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