How To Get Web Traffic To Your Blog

You might be wondering how to get web traffic to your blog initially. Advertising is a preferred way to get real organic customers to your blog/site.

How Do You Create An Ad?

Ad campaigns can be quite complicated and expensive. You may need to hire someone. But ad spaces are preferable when compared to buying cheap backlinks. Ensure the website you’re going to advertise on doesn’t have a high spam score. And where you see the sign, just place your ad!

You might want to create a banner yourself from a royalty free image & banner maker site or a site like, which is quicker.

In most cases you can just submit the image & link. But if you need to generate an ad code, this shouldn’t prove too difficult.

Advertising in free ads, online directories, business directories, similar websites and niches shouldn’t be too hard either. Rather than search for these, I’d suggest making a note, every time you see advertise here. Because it has already caught your attention.

Should you need any help with social media ads, drop me a line anytime!

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