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Once you have bought your cPanel hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting, you will need to point your domain name servers to your host, ensure you have SSL and install WordPress.

What is WordPress? And why all the bother?

There are two things you need to do to run your own WordPress blog. Own your own domain and buy a hosting package. The alternative is paying a blogging service like, Wix or Weebly month by month.

Hosting your own WordPress as opposed to a free account with free URL means you can make money with your unique web address.

WordPress is a Content Management System. You can allow it to manage media and documents. Few hosts allow you to offer downloads, but good ones do. So you can sell your own art, photography, music or anything with the right theme. So many themes are built for WordPress that it’s silly not to have a go at it and see if you can start your WordPress business. Agencies, Stores, Reviews, Schools, Premium Companies & PLC’s, they’re all using WordPress.

It’s tree root is similar to that of a home computer. It’s different but it’s essentially made of the same. Folders and files which are more manageable than building and hosting your own website yourself (header file, images files, text files and so forth). WordPress is versatile and extremely powerful.

Setting Your DNS

If you bought your domain name at a different site to your hosting, you will need to point the DNS to your new host. The process takes less than a minute. But it does take up to 24hrs to work. Good registrars and hosts will do this immediately. But give it an hour at least.

I will login to my Shark Hosting and I will tell them what domain I want to host, and if it’s with them or another registrar. I will get the hosting address from Shark Hosting or my hosting email they sent me and look for NS1 (name server 1) : & NS2 this is an example address. Some hosting companies offer 4 hosting addresses and you should enter in all 4. This makes your website load and run faster.

I copy the first name server, log into my domain registrar and edit the DNS as follows: I paste the first NS into 4 spaces changing the numbers as I go 2, 3, 4. Then I click save. That’s it the job is done. I’ve retrieved modified/entered the DNS.

Ask your host if you need any help. (If you have multi site hosting package, go to Add On Name APP and add the domain you wish to host).

Then I check my SSL status. Does my newly pointed domain name have a Secure Certificate? I might have to wait a while or I may need to run the auto SSL.

The free SSL certificate you get from Shark Hosting is enough to get you started. From your cPanel, scroll down and choose: SSL status.

The SSL is automatic, but after pointing your domain into them, it could take between 1-24hrs for the domain registrant to point your domain to Shark Hosting. You run the SSL install from that app until everything is GREEN. All systems go! (pointing DNS is a 1 minute job) Setting up SSL is best after 1-2 hours (it only takes a minute).

I can do this for you if it helps save you time or confusion. I will do this for $10 DNS modification and install WordPress!

Now you will go to the WordPress APP in cPanel and click install or WP Manager, Install. Install your new WordPress blog in https:// leave the directory field blank and insert your real email at the bottom of the page. Hit install. WordPress has a built in theme repository, you can change the appearance of your blog or visit for more free themes & plugins.

You can now write your first post!

Choose a free theme or buy a premium theme. It’s totally up to you if you want to go for a free theme, many are great. But most free themes have the footer theme credits links and you can’t delete those unless they have given you permission/options to do so. If you want a professional blog, just buy a professional theme, or upgrade your free theme.

Not everything in WordPress is so complicated. But getting started can be a little confusing. Setting up Privacy and legal pages are also hurdles you will get to in WordPress. But once you have, the sky’s the limit!

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