How To Make Money With AdSense In 2020

Make money with an AdSense Blog
AdSense 101 How to start earning real money with a blog!

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How To Make Money With AdSense

Make Money With AdSense And Be Part Of The Future!

The Ad Sense Theme From My Theme Shop Enables You To Make Niche Blogs From Scratch In Minutes.

Simply Pick A Demo And Layout And Start Blogging Right Away!

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Baby
  • Fashion
  • News
  • Recipes
  • Sports

Blog about topics you know more about or are currently learning, so that you can give readers the fresh content they are searching for.

Having the kids at home during lock down! Any advice will be well received.

AdSense Blog Tips Do’s And Dont’s

  • Do use opinion in your blog
  • Do Plan your blog taxonomy
  • Do post related content/mixed content
  • Do buy a Premium Theme to save time
  • Do write so people can relate to your blog
  • Do write REAL original blogs not FAKE ones
  • Do descriptions in each category and tag page
  • Do write to attract wider audiences too
  • Don’t put too many of your own ads in
  • Don’t give up if you’re refused or go keyword mad!
  • Do Blog naturally but install Grammarly
  • Don’t put too many affiliate links in posts
  • Don’t apply/reapply prematurely write posts first

Please forget the keyword and CPC highest thing. There are so many blogs and you will have such high competition with people who are qualified or have years of experience. Simply write what you enjoy writing about and make your blog look beautiful. Don’t put too many ads on your blog. Remember quality over quantity!

Choosing a good theme with AdSense compatibility

You can get some great themes that are AdSense ready from MTS! Most of the themes are AdSense compatible and you can select by clicking the various demos. Of course, there are other theme stores too.

Installing the AdSense code into your blog

MTS themes make it very easy it is done by copying the code you receive when you open your AdSense account and pasting it into Theme Options/General Settings/ Header Code.

Next, you can create auto, responsive or in-post ads in the AdSense settings. Just paste them in Options/Ads and you’re done. Everything is automated with these themes!

Getting accepted in AdSense honestly

The first blog I got accepted for was a free one in Weebly. I was posting about random attractive topics and getting thousands of visitors per month. I got accepted after just a couple of days. I’ve also been refused. I was refused on this blog once or twice. But I found out I was accepted once I had written more when I logged back into AdSense. Don’t delete your header code, wait and see! Another one of my blogs is awaiting acceptance. This blog is accepted as you can see.

AdSense Policy and your policy

If you want to be taken seriously and get approved you also now need to complete your drafted privacy page and display it in the footer or main menu. You should use a cookie bar plugin and an advertising disclosure plugin or page. Also, make sure in the dashboard your age-appropriate settings are accurate. Many companies won’t want to advertise next to adult content. Think about the companies and if they want you representing them.

Once AdSense Has Been Approved

Once you are approved you will eventually receive a message about ads.txt and all this ensures is that your site is legitimate for higher bidders.

If you are able to use File Manager in CPanel do so, you can copy/paste or upload the file into the public folder, alternatively, there are WordPress plugins to assist you with your file management. And it will take less than a minute to complete. Once you have uploaded this, then you are telling the world that not only your site is relevant but is of high quality to display high-quality ads.

People can get impatient with it all, but if you just use your common sense and a little patience, write more posts and apply again. It’s that simple!

I hope this helped, but if you have any questions comment below.



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