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How To Promote Your Blog In 2019

Promote Your blog with this handy tool, it takes less than 10 seconds! It’s been forever since I used this tool and I just remembered the name of it. There are more blog promotion tools out there. I quite like this one. No signup or registration was necessary. Enter your blog name, URL and feed URL.

Usually, the feed URL is your URL or blog URL with at the end.

*Content Rotation. (Almost 2 decades!)

So I made a short video to show you how easy and quick it is to promote your blog via Pingomatic and get a few new readers. Please excuse how basic this video is but this is my first video and I’m quite shy. But I figured this might be useful to blogging beginners. I will post more short videos about basic blogging tips and blogging for beginners soon.

Other Ways To Promote Your Blog

Generally, you promote your blog by leaving comments in social media groups and social sites. Leave a permanent link to your blog in social profiles, services or any link opportunities which arise (obvious to some not all)!

My old method was I use is to mix up my content type and comment on other peoples posts, without leaving obvious backlinks/Spam. Building a network or community who will like and share each other’s posts. People aren’t so loyal these days so, these links can be purchased for a small fee or strategically created.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are often the first to appear in search engines.

TraffUp and 10KHits are great sites for helping brand new sites or blogs get their first few views (free). Don’t use them too often as the bounce rate is counted. Twitter and Instagram promotion in TraffUp is more powerful than website views.

Feed to post plugin automatically posts to your social accounts for you free of charge!

Social bookmarks if you want to read more on that.

I’ll be creating some WordPress Training Videos in the near future. They won’t be long stretched out videos for advertising. It will just be me giving my fast-track advice on how to make your blog, save time, save money, make it faster and get it to the masses!

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  1. Max

    I know there’s a reaction to; it’s just Pingomatic. But I was trying to remember how I started out with my blogs years ago. It’s always a good idea to keep a business journal as these details are often lost along the way! And when you’re just starting out you don’t need all the madness of confusing dashboards and logins. Know what I mean?

    April 18, 2019

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