How To Use White Hat SEO To Increase Organic Web Traffic

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What Is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is an SEO strategy that brings the relevant audience to you via Search Engines and back links.

The first step to increasing organic web traffic using the white hat SEO method is to update ALL your meta titles and descriptions, category meta descriptions and picture descriptions.

A good example of meta title and description would be:

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This lets people know what your pages and posts are about. The better they are written, the more impressions you will attain in search engines. And the more clicks you can get. This takes time, effort and patience. And the more you work on improving this and viewing how your competitors do it, the quicker you can rank in search engines.

Your content must include the same keywords and related keywords as your page Meta description. Each post/page should include a link out to an authority website AND a link or two to your own website.

Back links can be inserted into places like Wikipedia, Education websites and authority websites. For example, I might back link with blog related websites or leave comments. *Taking time to do this manually may achieve better results. Social shares/profile links are also a great opportunity to increase back links and referrals from authority domains.

Black Hat SEO on the other hand can be highly damaging to your websites SEO. Buying random back links and directory submissions can flag your website as SPAM.

*When choosing back link services ask questions first. And read the sellers reviews.

The way you compose your website or blog will also have an effect on your over all SEO. This includes site speed, meta, keywords, code efficiency, design, image size/compression and blog format. You should format your pages in a way that make your blog attractive.

Use Local SEO & SCHEMA

Use SCHEMA – schema is the way your content appears in search engines. From blog posts, news, products, reviews, charts, bullet points and so on. Using the correct SEO methods and getting SCHEMA display is highly desirable. This is similar to how AdWords displays your web content. But you can set it up yourself from within your WordPress dashboard. This can be achieved easily by installing the Rank Math plugin and running the installation wizard. You can also add your business using the local option.

How To Submit A Site Map

You may be familiar with Web Master Tools/Google Search Console. Once you have an account, you can submit your entire site map. Click sitemap. Insert your home page link and add /sitemap.xml then hit the submit button.

Add Your Business In Google

It is always a great idea to add your business in Google, Yelp and other Yellow Pages type sites. Free Ads website ad placements can also help gain exposure.

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