How To Use White Hat SEO To Increase Web Traffic

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What Is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is a natural SEO strategy that will increase web traffic to your website via Search Engines and back links/social sites.

You can set up a number of formulas to ensure a good circulation of social shares, profile shares and links, thus getting to the top of search results.

How To Rank In Search Engines?

As mentioned above, you can create a whirlwind of links and get visits from all channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Subscription or free membership sites… You can set up a YouTube channel and upload some interesting videos with links. Videos are a great way to rank in search engines. This can of course be done in Vimeo and other video hosting sites. You can then embed to your blog rather than uploading video files. Unique Images, copyrighted images, watermark images. This beats using the same royalty free images that everyone else is using.

So in theory, if you were to share one offer or image on a Facebook Page, one link to that from LinkedIn, one link for your instagram on Twitter and a link to your instagram from Pinterest, you might be able to get something good going. This is what we used to do in the old days with Music Myspace. Just create a never ending creative showcase.

When done correctly and not to score SEO points, it will yield a better result!

Share posts that link back to your website, then you should have a stream of daily visitors. Add posts or pics rather than products and offers, stay casual. People soon get bored of the same SEO robot posts and will simply switch off. Add some personality to your pages.

Fill in keywords in alt text/description boxes in your images and videos.

How To Create Your Own Backlinks

Create back links or yourself. You don’t have to buy a back link service. You can take advantage of B2B relationships and back link offers, ask around, visit and comment on similar sites, reviews and forum posts are a great way to create back links. Some people even use sites like Wikipedia or education domains for added authority points. Use your imagination to promote your website in a way that doesn’t annoy or spam others.

Avoid Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is purchased back links that come from irrelevant or spammy sites. If you do buy a back link service, be sure to ask them in detail about their method and if their pages and sites are relevant to your blog site.

Insert A Meta Description/SEO

This lets people know what your pages and posts are about. The better they are written, the more impressions you will attain in search engines. And the more clicks you can get. This takes time, effort and patience. And the more you work on improving this and viewing how your competitors do it, the quicker you can rank in search engines.

A good way to write a strong meta description is to address the problem, bring in a solution and reaffirm the result in the end. Or something similar. You add the issue, solve it, add the details and add a bit of a wow factor at the end.

A good example of meta title and description would be:

Get Free Organic Web Traffic Fast

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There’s a limit of characters you can use. Ideally 140-160 is about right. Keep the title to around 6-8 words maximum.

Bad Keyword Habits To Avoid

Often when people first start using SEO settings or plugins they make the mistake of repeating the same keywords. They think this will help. Let me explain to you quickly and help you understand what keywords are. Keywords are search words and phrases. You can repeat them in ONE post. Your focus keyword should never be repeated. Your seed keyword is stronger than the page focus keyword and is probably the keyword of your entire site. Mine is blog tips. But it seems to have changed to blog.

So for posts you have LONG TAIL KEYWORDS/FOCUS KEYWORDS, For your site/home page you might set a cornerstone content with table of contents. And then at least you have a start, a hope of getting somewhere.

Keyword density and SEO plugins myth. Take care and beware. Don’t just write keywords for the sake of it. Related keywords will be included in the algorithm/metrics. Try to write naturally. Though you may repeat the word/phrase once or twice.

Increase Web Traffic Gradually

Take your time when adjusting keywords and editing your posts and pages. You can also republish old posts, change dates, update information, add a new page. Your web traffic will increase gradually over time. Ranking pages fluctuate, day to day, week to week, as the competition adjusts their SEO settings. Once a page or post is ranking, leave it there as it is. Don’t play around with your SEO too much!

Use Local SEO & SCHEMA

Back links can be bought and inserted into places like Wikipedia, Education websites and authority websites. For example, I might back link with blog related websites or leave comments. *Taking time to do this manually may achieve better results. Social shares/profile links are also a great opportunity to increase back links and referrals from authority domains.

*When choosing back link services ask questions first. And read the sellers reviews.

Do A Website/SEO Audit

The way you compose your website or blog will also have an effect on your over all SEO. This includes site speed, meta, keywords, code efficiency, design, image size/compression and blog format. You should format your pages in a way that make your blog attractive. And ensure it is fast loading.


Use SCHEMA – schema is the way your content appears in search engines. From blog posts, news, products, reviews, charts, bullet points and so on. Using the correct SEO methods and getting SCHEMA display is highly desirable. This is similar to how AdWords displays your web content. But you can set it up yourself from within your WordPress dashboard. This can be achieved easily by installing the Rank Math plugin and running the installation wizard. You can also add your business using the local option.

How To Submit A Site Map

You may be familiar with Web Master Tools/Google Search Console. Once you have an account, you can submit your entire site map. Click sitemap. Insert your home page link and add /sitemap.xml then hit the submit button. You will repeat submission for secure, non secure and www. formats and subdomains if you use them.

Add Your Business In Google

It is always a great idea to add your business in Google, Yelp and other Yellow Pages type sites. Free Ads website ad placements can also help gain exposure.