Marketing -Google AdWords Management

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I’m an Online Marketer, and I am able to offer Google AdWords management to a limited few. Are you a small to medium company that desires to be at the top of Google Search? Are you looking for a Google AdWords Manager or Growth Marketing Analyst?

Let me handle all the complicated stuff. I can do deep keyword research, creative content and social media and search ads. I am currently available to work from home and help get the audience you deserve. I will only be accepting 2-3 jobs. So please contact me immediately if you would like me to manage your AdWords account, SEO or Online Marketing.


I have a distinction in Online Marketing and a passion for success. I can help your company reach the top. I would ideally like 2 or 3 jobs that I can work from home flexibly. My availability is immediate, yet limited to a few.

Growth Marketing Skills

  1. Social & Search Advertising
  2. WordPress/CMS Web Design
  3. SEO/Proof Reading
  4. Click Through Rate/Conversions
  5. Social Networking
  6. Analytics/Channels Reporting
  7. Creative Content/Growth