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Blogging has come a long way with various blogging platforms and designs. Here we again focus on the possibilities of using WordPress themes. We invite bloggers to share their experience using other blogging platforms too! Drop us a line at; info@blog-tips.com

We have selected some modern blog themes that have multiple layout options. Suitable for business and fun, we are sure you’ll be satisfied with the features these modern blog themes provide.

Ideally you will want your blog to look as modern as possible to captivate a younger audience. And younger audiences have a longer life as your customer. So to create an engaging blog, you should be using cutting edge modern blog designs and modern content within your blog! Mix your content with video, audio, graphs, PDFs, artwork and quotes/memes/clips.

Now we have explained to you the benefits of marketing through a modern blog website, now lets take a look at some of these amazing blog themes!

  1. Essentials Blog Theme
  2. Cognio eBook Theme
  3. Wipcast Audio Podcast Blog Theme
  4. Superflick Actor/Agency Theme Updated
  5. Mikael VCard/CV Blog Theme
  6. CoinFlip Gambling/Casino Theme
  7. EasyMeals Blog/Forum Theme

Essentials Theme (Marketing)

Best blog themes 2020 - Essentials Blog Theme

Essentials theme is a multipurpose WP blog theme with various layouts including; Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Influencer, Coronavirus, eBook, Software, Corporate, Bold, Construction, Knowledge base, Creative, Services. WPBakery & Elementor users will love this theme. (Half price intro offer).

Cognio Theme (eBook Selling)

Modern Blog Themes Sept 2020 1

Cognio eBook theme is an amazing PRO theme for authors. It features a home page, store, blog, about the author pages, teasers and much more. PDS files are included in the theme, so you can just edit and promote your eBooks!

Wipcast Theme (Audio/Podcasts)

Modern Blog Themes Sept 2020 2

Sell your own merchandise from your own platform. With Podcasters in mind, you can sell your merchandise and create viral content, reap all the rewards with this audio theme. It’s clean, modern and colourful look will engage listeners and they’ll be sure to come back for more. Other uses; meditation website, church, artist promotion, music samples.. The list goes on!

Superflick Theme (Movies/Music)

Modern Blog Themes Sept 2020 3

Superflick theme was created in 2018 but has had a recent update (Sept 2020) and we couldn’t leave this one out! With so many great add ons included for Musicians, Vloggers, Film Studios, Actors, we’re excited and proud to share the Superflick theme. Show your portfolio, store and whatever video and show-reel clips, previews and full films/short films, add your own music and WOW viewers.

Mikael Theme (vCard/CV)

Modern Blog Themes Sept 2020 4

We selected Mikael theme for our modern blog themes list because it’s very relevant and a modern way to share your CV/vCard. Prove you have the skills and image for the company or networks that you’re connecting with. Earn more with this theme. Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Artists & Performers, IT & Technical, Handyman, whatever you do for a living, even working from home, promote your skills to a wider audience and impress to kill! This theme will generate clicks and actions, that will help you get to the top of the search engines in no time.

Coinflip (Casino Affiliate Theme)

Modern Blog Themes Sept 2020 5

If you’ve been looking for a decent gambling/casino theme to promote casino bonuses and earn bucks, this is one of the best, fastest, easy to rank casino blog themes on the market. It may come in at number two for some. But I have tested these themes and have gotten great results. This is quite similar to the Mercury Gambling theme. This newer version includes FLAGS for regions, so you can easily target your audience via geographical marketing and table layouts. Your readers will be happier and you will be pleased with the results. Quick and easy to install and use/demo import available. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Easy Meals Theme (Blog/Forum)

Modern Blog Themes Sept 2020 6

If you love sharing your recipes and quick meals, whether lean & healthy, vegan, naughty treats, Italian cooking, home made or Mama’s recipes, this is a very handy, useful theme. It looks highly professional and high-end. Includes recipe templates and a community forum. Everyone loves Indian food & most people with good taste enjoy Jamaican recipes, whatever your passion, share and build your own foodie community. 🙂

Modern Blog Themes Summary

This is just a taster of some of the amazing new designs that have been recently added. We are tempted to add a few more. And remember that every theme you see is fully customisable. We hope you enjoyed looking at these modern blog themes/templates, and that it has inspired you. Should wish to get further information or find the right blog theme for you, please drop me a message.


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