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My Theme Shop Themes For Niche Marketing

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This is my My Theme Shop Review. I have bought a few themes from My Theme Shop in the past and I am giving an honest review on the pros and cons of using My Theme Shop Themes. I’ll start by saying try their free WordPress themes first. If you have a few blog ideas, their site will certainly help you decide what kind of blog theme to go for.

56 Free Premium WordPress Themes now include; Beauty, News Today, Viral, Musical, How To, Cool, Entrepreneurship, Magazine, Pinstagram, Clock, Front Page, Split, Sensational, Playbook & Bookshelf.

These beautiful free WP themes provide plenty to get started with and don’t cost you a penny. You get a pack of useful plugins with your theme, so you won’t have to mess around searching for plugins either. You get free unlimited use of these premium themes! TOP DEAL. 🙂

My Theme Shop Theme Pricing

Their themes cost $45.00 for 1 licence or for 3 sites $69.00 But are currently on sale at $59.00. Considering all the layouts and demos available, there’s plenty for the average user to chose from. We don’t recommend running more than 3 blogs at a time as you’ll want to focus and put your best work in. So here you can pick out custom layouts for example, fashion, baby, recipes for a one off price! The whole suite costs $87.00. You can choose from many themes, demos, layouts. Search and browse the store..

not sure? Buy the theme pack!

Now On Sale At Just $77.00!!!

Here’s some of the top WP themes we’ve bought from My Theme Shop.

MTS Ad Sense Theme

MTS Ad Sense Theme is a highly practical WP theme I would recommend to any blogging beginner. There are plenty of demos and templates for the average blogger to get started with. The best feature is the carefully placed ad spaces which do not get in the way of your readers enjoyment and use of your site. Also the ads can be turned off. And when your readers don’t use ads, there’s a reminder that they can be turned on for useful ads. Monetise your blog with Ad Sense Theme.

My Theme Shop Review 1

One Year/Forever License Is A 3 Site License Containing The Following Ad Sense Layouts.

  • Default Blog
  • Technology Blog
  • Viral Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Recipes Blog
  • Baby Blog
  • Sports Blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • News Blog
  • Online Shop

These blogs look amazing, this particular pack is one we would recommend for beginners!

MTS Coupon Theme

It takes a while to set up this theme honestly, the stores, coupons, deals and you will want to use a coupon feed plugin. You can get full support for setting up your themes and get help with any questions you may have. There is also a video for each theme that you buy. And a forum. Coupon Theme isn’t the easiest theme to use and I have used a few. You can import your files too.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And many will see the potential of this coupon theme with AdSense and store list functionality! It looks like a genuine coupon website because it is one. And that is likely to increase your sales.

This theme is great for displaying stores and in times like these, many people are shopping online. So, having a blog and coupon site is extremely useful/handy. Have a look for yourself and view the various options and styles.

Woo Shop

The perfect WP theme for an online store or drop shipping site. It is easy to use and ranked well in search engines. I used this theme for my ordinary blog too. And it gets all the attention it deserves.

Theme styles include; Default (Store), Medical, Flowers, Sports, Theme Store And Blog.

My Theme Shop Review Summary

It’s a different experience using MTS themes as the core function is different. It can be fiddly to set up but not to blog and customise. Their themes are VERY easy to use. Please ask your host to increase your file upload size to MAX if you do not use WordPress hosting. Mention MTS. *Especially when installing to an existing blog.

Top Themes; Ad Sense, Woo Shop, eCommerce, Corporate, Schema, Local Citation, Real Estate, Books, Digital, Tabloid, Crypto, Writer, Just fit, Point Pro, Feminine, Newspaper… Are just many of the 126 themes available.

Jump to the top of the page and click all the free themes, sign up for free and download as many free themes as you want, as they are now giving away lots of their premium themes away for free with unlimited usage..

My Theme Shop Review

MTS Themes Summary

My Theme Shop Themes LOOK GOOD. They are very easy to use and create attractive professional blog posts in no time at all. The greatest thing about using MTS themes is that they offer flexibility and easy of use. If you know how you want your blog to function or want a quick install for a specific niche then these are amazing themes. You can use the demo import. You also have a Theme Options tool, you can install and customise everything at speed. This includes adverts, analytics codes, background image, fonts, buttons and carousels. Once installed you will be amazed by how quickly things take shape. But what if you only want to try out a theme? The have free themes too. The set up is different to other blog themes. And you will have to decide if it is right for you.

How to set up My Theme Shop Themes…

It’s fairly simple, yet it is different compared to other themes, you extract and install the theme file and drag it to the upload area. But with MTS you need to do 2 things. 1. ensure you can upload the theme (file size) 2. link the installed theme to an online account. The only thing I did not like about MTS was the size of the theme files. You will need to increase your maximum file upload size or it can break your blog or website. Always save a back up if you have an existing blog and you want to switch over to MTS. Also once you choose a layout and import a demo, it will be pretty hard work to change the layout afterwards. You need to be certain before you begin.

MTS File Size

They recommend using WordPress Hosting. You can increase the file upload size in your cPanel or ask the host to do this for you (takes up to one day).

MTS Subscription Or Package

One more thing is you have an annual subscription. Keep your download file and make a child theme if you don’t wish to continue with the subscription. Alternatively, you may want to buy the theme bundle and get access to all the themes for that year. You can use them as a developer/web designer but will need to set a child theme if you discontinue subscription.

My Theme Shop Review Summary

In short, you will either love MTS themes or you won’t. The best thing is they are designed for niche blogs and writers. If you want to create a lot of blogs, you can save a packet of money by buying the package, with unlimited use of all the designs. The yearly fee offers good value, when you compare it to purchasing different individual themes. If you can get along with MTS themes.

We got lots of traffic and reviews, interaction when using their themes. But buying the right theme was limiting/installing and everything. Now I use WordPress hosting, if I wanted to try their latest themes, I would buy the yearly pack instead. I am currently not using their themes. But did get plenty of traffic and nice looking sites.


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