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When we design your new website or blog, we will need you to be ready with a domain name, a hosting package, and an idea of the sort of theme or template you wish to use. So we have put together the best sites & services that we use, to help make things easier for our clients. I have tried to display these in a comprehensive format. Easy – Difficult, Cheap – Dearer. And included some PROFESSIONAL SEO SERVICES & THEME SITES.

These are the services we’ve tried & tested, and recommend to our clients, based on their level of experience, or expertise, we are happy to guide you to the right services for your new website. This page contains partner links, and we may earn a commission from companies mentioned on this page.

Best Hosting Companies

Hosting companies we recommend all depend on the type of project you have in mind, and where you want your servers to be. Chosen for reliability, free backups, and reasonable hosting packages, you can upgrade, downgrade, and keep flexible with your needs (annually/monthly) + Free domain
  • HostSllim Green Hosting EU
  • Verpex Multi-Hosting USA/UK
  • Namecheap VPS/Dedicated Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting (All Of The Above).

If you’re planning on running multiple stores or websites, or you want to help friends & family get online, then you may wish to choose multi-hosting, with unlimited bandwidth, or reseller hosting. For the average customer, you won’t need more than a basic package.

Best Themes Sites

We recommend Theme Isle WordPress Themes & Plugins for fast loading & professional websites. Neve & Hestia Themes have multiple layout options, suitable for most websites. You can learn more about Theme Isle Themes & Plugins HERE. MyThemeShop Themes & templates are also highly professional. Envato Market & Envato Elements are other highly professional courses of codes, themes, templates, plugins, and so on. When choosing a template, please make sure you use a WordPress Template (Preferred). Or, optionally a PHP template. Elementor WP themes may require an additional license. Our day to day services are usually WordPress.

  • Theme Isle Fastest Themes
  • My Theme Shop Top Features
  • Envato Market Unique Designs
  • Envato Elements Unique Projects

To get the standard look, I recommend Theme Isle. For Call To Attention grabbing themes, I recommend My Theme Shop. Do you have a theme in mind yet, or a specific look? Envato Market are a multi store of themes by many leading theme creators. Bearing in mind that some of these innovative themes can take more time to customise. And the same can be said for Envato Elements. But if you want something more cutting edge, we are happy to help you achieve your dreams.

Business Branding & Blog Branding

Having matching branding is a good idea, then it makes it easier to send out a media kit in the future. This is for your press release, advertising, and marketing campaigns. You will need to brand your business, so that you can easily send out your information to affiliates, associates, promoters, and the like. Branding should be highly memorable. Those of you who are creative can hop over to Namecheap and you’ll be able to download a zip. You can create one logo for free. And for more logos, the price goes from $9.99 and up, which is pretty good. You choose which type of font and colours you prefer, and its a bit of a multiple choice. Then you favourite your best designs. Choose the size you wish to download, or get the whole package. Logos are for all sizes such as business card, T-shirts, and the most common sizes. Then of corse you have Canva, it’s great for some, but can be tricky if you need to use it for various purposes. Though there is a brand helper at hand.

  • Namecheap Free Logo Trial
  • Canva Free & Premium
  • SEO Clerks Logo Gigs
  • Fiverr Logo Gigs
  • People Per Hour

I would definitely go with the former, and not the latter. People Per Hour, on the other hand may give you everything you need in one package without you having to do anything. And with the gigs, it all depends on who you choose really. I find that Namecheap Logo Builder was fun to use, and had a modern look.

SEO Services

SEO Services can include SEO Audits, Backlink Services, Guest Posts, Content Creation, Copywriting and my first go to is Solvid. They are experts, and truly lead in the field of SEO. The cost isn’t much, and the results are brilliant. I also use SEO Clerks, and FREE TOOLS: Wincher & SEO Poz.

  • SOLVID Copywriting & Guest Posts
  • SEO Clerks Forum Links & Videos
  • Wincher Free & Premium SEO Tools
  • SEO Poz Free & Premium Tools

I like to use a mix when it comes to SEO. And while I do some keyword research myself, I sometimes like to see what’s new. Now there are SEO Manager Tools in Namecheap & Fasthosts, that could save you a lot of money in the long run. They also have Social Media Marketing Tools that can help rocket your online presence.


This page should help you to browse around, and help you to understand the themes which are available to you. If you want a highly official looking website, I recommend you use Theme Isle or My Theme Shop, and possibly check out Envato Market/Envato Elements, which are two different sites. There are other great theme stores. And we will get to those, and update those soon.