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Blog Tips is a useful site, helping new bloggers get started with their WordPress Blogs. We take your privacy seriously and never share or hand out your information.

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When you subscribe, contact us or request a service/quote you agree for us to email you or respond by telephone. We only hold your data for as long as we need to and you can contact us to have it removed at any time.

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In the case of abuse, illegal or other unwanted visitors/contact we reserve the right to look up/ban IP’s we may hold the data for longer and/or hand it to a relevant agency.

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We only collect cookies and non-personal tracking data to help improve our site and service to our readers. Cookie settings can be adjusted in your browser. You can turn off 3rd party cookies, for example. And you can stop Google adverts/relevant ads from being shown. You may still see a few banner style ads.

Advertising Disclosure

(Why and how we use our adverts)

Advertisements are placed by us that are useful for our readers, for example, FREE QUICK ADS, and other relevant adverts relating to blogging and website design.  We may earn a small commission from any qualifying purchases made by you the reader, helping the sites running costs and the provision of up to date information. Ads and Affiliate Links are intended to give value and quality information to you the reader. And we appreciate any purchases you make through us.

The in article and mobile ads are strategically placed by an advertising company. We don’t have control over the placement or individual adverts though we may earn a commission from qualifying clicks. These adverts are displayed because you have visited or shown an interest in this topic.

Adverts and Affiliate Marketing Links are a necessary part of this blog. They help keep the site up. And enhance the users’ experience. You can block certain ads, but you won’t be able to block all. And by continuing to use our website you understand and agree to this.

Feedback & Complaints

If you would like to discuss anything or leave feedback, you can do so by contacting